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Opera GX Automatically Wiped All My Browsing History Older Than 3 Days

  • Hello. Since I have a great liking for the Opera GX on desktop, I am deeply integrated within the Opera ecosystem now and I also use Opera mobile on my Android phone with sync. Yesterday I realised that my mobile app didn't show the results it used to show with the 1-2 letters I entered. I didn't think anything of it until I saw that my desktop browsing history was gone, save for the last 3 days, and it also deleted the history on my mobile device.

    Luckily, since I format my PC from time to time, I already had the recent copies of the 3 history files (History, History Provider Cache, and History-journal) that Opera uses within the AppData/Roaming/Opera folder, so I just restored my copies, and the history on my phone was also restored. I just wanted to point out that this happens and it would probably suck for people who have been using Opera for years and are intent on keeping their browsing histories.

  • Opera wouldn't have room to keep years of history; three days is fairly typical.

  • @sgunhouse How come my saved history files included at least months of browsing data? I mean what are you trying to say with "three days is fairly typical"? Everybody knows Opera can save much more than 3 days' of history. Coming from a moderator, I'm really surprised by this answer.

  • It can, sure. But when it finally decides it needs more space, how much does it keep? And of course frequently-visited sites will be kept longer. (And moderators have no special knowledge; I can only say what I see others post.)

  • @sgunhouse So the answer to my question is that Opera will delete much of the history by itself to reduce the size of its history files? I have been using GX since its inception (for more than a year) and I always try to make copies of my history files before formatting my PC, but this happened for the first time. So maybe I'm not aware of this feature. I thought this must have been a bug.

  • @Unbeknownst It happened just once or it's something that happens often? It may has been something accidental.

    By the way, Chromium only keeps 90 days of history as far as i know.

  • @leocg This happened just once now. What sucks is that sync also deleted the history on my phone. I really depend on that history on my phone since I hate typing out complete addresses with a virtual keyboard or having to Google for website addresses. I don't know what would I do had I not already saved the copies of my history files.

  • @leocg I have faced this problem twice and the weird part is that I lost most of my saved passwords a while back. They just randomly disappeared. My history was still there but I was logged out of many websites I frequently visit and my saved passwords were no longer there.