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The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops)

  • @moismyname I'm now in the same boat doing as you described it .For me only recently started doing it was fine before say a 2/3 weeks ago.

  • @moismyname said in Ad blocker fails to block YouTube preroll ads:

    Has anyone noticed that this just got worse? I was getting these blank screens with the "skip ad" button, but only ever at the beginning of videos. Now I'm getting them in the middle of videos as well. Feels like Opera are trying to slowly ease us into discontinuing the youtube ad block feature.

    Same problem here. I experienced the mid-roll interruption since the beginning of the week. Using Opera Stable and GX on 2 different computers. Already did a full reset and removed all addons.
    This helped a bit, I can watch most of the time without the mid-roll interrupt, it mostly comes back if I start jumping inside the video...super annoying if you see the "Add in x seconds" appear after that.

    Also tried blocking everything with a pi-hole, additional adblocker etc, nothing seems to work right now

  • @moismyname Yes, it's even worse now. And it's the end of February already. No replies from Opera about one of their main features, no fixes, nothing. What a shame! Unbelievable.

  • @ghirahim Hi i now use : u block origin and so far works flawless it is on extensions page just diable opera ad blocker don' run both . Enjoy ad free again.

  • @budz said in Ad blocker fails to block YouTube preroll ads:

    @ghirahim Hi i now use : u block origin and so far works flawless it is on extensions page just diable opera ad blocker don' run both . Enjoy ad free again.

    Done that, working perfectly now. Thanks for the hint 😉

    Also ublock origin can show all blocked data, I am using it not to extract the yt specific ads so I can add them to my PiHole and kill the ads for all devices

  • @budz I can use something else too, we all can, but that's not the solution. What is worrying is that they just don't care. "Our built-in ad blocker doesn't work? Who cares!"

  • In version 75.0.3969.93, ads on Youtube are no longer blocked in the browser. Please fix

  • I do not understand; I know Opera is a web browser with an ad-block turned on, and promises that can block even the best ads including YouTube, but for a reason this happens and even on the mobile version this thing happen. Has Opera started having problems on adblocking and why there is still a YouTube ad? Is there something wrong on its adblock?

    Here is the evidence:
    Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 11.42.46 PM.png

  • My operas addblock suddenly stopped working. I wasnt touching the settings too it just wooped itself out of existence and my settings are as they are. And yet YouTube started giving actual full on adds and that makes me hurt on a personal and physical level.

    As for what i discovered is, is that adblock works fine when im not signed in to YouTube . But when i am signed in it just stops, did anyone else have this problem? If so, how to get rid of it? i just want to watch videos ad-less

  • @vhulmndur Is exceptions list empty?

  • @leocg sorry for the late reply, i was asleep because timezones. There is only there, nothing else

    --For Other People That Had Ad Problems , I Fixed It With -- <---- this addon

    even though its fixed, its weird that happened. the whole log-in-get-ad thingy

  • Blocking ads on YouTube does not work.

  • Its coming from a script from google, but using FF, I was able to block the youtube ads. Now its just completely failed full ads going on. Im not happy about this. Not to mention how hard it was to even make this post.

  • @xdmk Opera was so lovely not its gone, make me make it lovely again?

  • @vhulmndur Im not having more addons be in peace friend.

  • @kirkhampton what?

  • Hello! I tried 3 different adblocks but non of them seems to work for YouTube ads for the last few days. Works just fine for other sites.

  • Yes, I tried to turn it on and off, closed and opened GX agian, but it still doesnt work

    • LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.259)

    • A good PC

  • Has there been changes on YouTube that makes ad blocking in videos not work any more?

    I think for the last two versions of Opera (not including the current one) the ads have been blocked, but they still ran without showing, at least in the beginning of the videos (I could his "Skip" to avoid staring at a blank screen while the ads supposedly ran in the background).

    As of today this seems to also not work anymore as ads now run as normal. I've tried updating my subscriptions and I even installed an extension called "Ad blocker for Youtube", but ads still show...

    I run Windows 10 Pro, build 19042.985 and Opera 76.0.4017.107

  • I always have the ad blocker on with opera and when I would watch youtube when I would normally get ads before videos all I would have was a white screen where the ad should be and it was fine but for some reason recently when I watch youtube i actually am getting the ads now and there is no white screen or anything. I have checked the ad blocker in settings and I don't think there is anything different with that. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it much.