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The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops)

  • @takemetonarnia4 - Same but i noticed that No ad Blockers are able to block pre-rolls Youtube has changed the way they place ads in the Pre-Roll, and now they are "unblock able" no matter the app i only end up making the skip button disappear and the ads play no matter what

  • 2021-05-13 Still having trouble with the adblocker for youtube and other sites. Tried downloading a adblocker aswell for youtube but not working, opera is interfering with it. And can't find any solution to this problem but i will keep looking for it and if i find it i will try to help you guys out with this problem if you are having it.

  • @kerlyk It happened 1-2 days ago. The icon on top right shows how many ads it blocks during a video but the ad still plays on the video.

  • Also there is no way to contact opera for some reason. They neglect their users.

  • this problem has gotten worse i've delt with the white screen for a minute now but the ads just came back completely today its ruining my experience on Opera because the only reason I got GX was its internal adblocker and it isnt working this is kinda Kekw like fix your browser Opera.

  • Hello everyone... for some reason since last week my opera browser is no more filtrating the commercials on youtube !!

    i went to the settings but everything is activated..

    got any clue for me please out there ?

    All the best to all !

  • @chatnoir IDK if it is International it seems that Opera betrayed us. 😕
    I downloaded Opera cause the ad blocker but now I have to watch ads.

  • Same for me, what makes me wonder (wich is not importand) but that I always get the same two adds every time, that won't get blocked.

  • Hahaha, it's getting worse and Worse ! This is hilarious. Opera devs, you should be ashamed.

  • @osckarmil it seems to be world wide, I'm from Bolivia - South America and yesterday morning at 10 am more or less (GMT-4) pre-rolls ads started playing on my Opera, I thought I got the ad blocker disabled by mistake, but no, it was on, hopefully Opera people will patch this since I loved Opera because of this feature.

  • This post is deleted!
  • i notice today after update that in youtube adblock function is not working. is enable but dont block the ads
    im the only one with this problem ?

  • @horacio64
    I am here to report the same problem.
    After update of Win10, Opera Adblocker don't block YouTube Ads.

  • @yestikanly thats normal with the withe screen
    in youtube you can skip the ads immediately

  • @maxichef Nope, there is no white screen, Ads starts immediately and i'm unable to skip them until timeout

  • @zomtronic Same thing here. I did have a white screen for some time, but now the ads just start and they are not possible to skip.

    I deactivated the built in ad blocker and installed adblock+ for now. Shouldn't be necessary in Opera though...

  • @kjemikael and that adblocker you installed works ?

  • A few days ago Opera just stopped blocking a Youtube ads. Why?

  • @deralchimist said in The adblocker is not working topic (Opera for Desktops):

    @moismyname said in Ad blocker fails to block YouTube preroll ads:

    Has anyone noticed that this just got worse? I was getting these blank screens with the "skip ad" button, but only ever at the beginning of videos. Now I'm getting them in the middle of videos as well. Feels like Opera are trying to slowly ease us into discontinuing the youtube ad block feature.

    Same problem here. I experienced the mid-roll interruption since the beginning of the week. Using Opera Stable and GX on 2 different computers. Already did a full reset and removed all addons.
    This helped a bit, I can watch most of the time without the mid-roll interrupt, it mostly comes back if I start jumping inside the video...super annoying if you see the "Add in x seconds" appear after that.

    Also tried blocking everything with a pi-hole, additional adblocker etc, nothing seems to work right now

    Referring to my post from february:

    Even opera got some few updates, the adblock still doesn't work properly (especially on youtube and other google-ad websites).
    Still using ublock which works like a charm. Thanks to my piHole I know that most of the youtube ads are not loaded as an ad than can be identified. It's masked as regular traffic directing to the video. Since ublock uses the same blocklists as opera (easylist + easylist germany) I really don't understand why it won't block the ads on its own (and yes, the piHole itself won't block youtube ads, I tried it, doesn't work or works just a couple of days).

    Since not all ads were blocked with these two lists, I spend quite some time finding new lists and creating my own blocklists (partly in piHole to block stuff from my cellphone etc, partly in ublock). My next goal is to create ONE custom list (or one list of lists) out of these lists and implement it into opera. Maybe the blocklists of opera are just rubbish/faulty, if not, the feature itself is broken af. I am willing to share this "megalist" if it's working, but keep in mind it might only work for/inside germany