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Bookmarks page has hidden movable border line

  • Debian Testing
    Version: 73.0.3847.0
    Opera is up to date
    Update stream: developer
    System: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid (x86_64; Unknown)
    Monitor: CRT 1600x1200

    Bookmarks page has hidden movable border line between left directory tree and their contents on the right side. The border line is not visible on pages using both Light and Dark themes.

    I know that the line exists - its position is being betrayed by Opera cursor, or by the right border of the gray area when you mark a Bookmarks directory on the left (see the screenshots below).

    Opera Snapshot does not catch its cursor icon - I used blue arrows to point where the border line is placed in this example.

    [Fig. 1] Light theme
    Opera Snapshot_2020-10-20_015435_startpage.png

    [Fig. 2] Dark theme
    Opera Snapshot_2020-10-20_015604_startpage.png

    Luckily GIMP snapshot catches cursor icon. It shows the place where the hidden line is present too.

    [Fig. 3] GIMP snapshot's screenshot with cursor icon

    A thin vertical visible border line is highly advisable, I think.

  • @pavelopdev Interesting. I didn't know about that. I'll post in the blog too.

    By the way, the line is (was) visible in O58 version (the last version before the Reborn3)

  • @andrew84 Thanks. It'll help to pull the issue out from the remaining neverending flow of other requests.

    BTW How to become a follower of someone posts? I'm too narrow minded on that. 😞

  • @pavelopdev At the bottom of the topic, there is a button where you can choose to follow the topic or not.
    If you are talking about a specific post in a topic, it's not possible to follow as far as I know.

  • @leocg It doesn't mean a follower of someone's posts? I thought I will become a follower of xxx person. @andrew84 writes his posts to Opera 74 developer blog, for example. There are other active users, but I wanted to sign in to follow @andrew84 only. Thanks for explanation.

  • @pavelopdev You can follow someone by going to her/his profile page and clicking on the cross next to the profile picture.

  • @leocg Thanks a lot.