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  • Hi,. a couple months ago, I download Opera GX, everything went fine like the installations until, when it was fully downloaded, a opera GX icon with the name "" was downloaded within the installatio,s I never clicked on it, cause it was kind of strange to me, but then a friend later got opera gx as a virus threat or something, I Definetly know that the wasn't intentional, anyone know what's up?

  • @birdz From where did you download Opera? From where your friend downloaded Opera? have you checked your computers for malware?

    Why did your friend told you that Opera was a virus threat?

  • @leocg Downloaded from the official website from it, of course?
    My friend also downloaded from the website. Also I just asked him a couple hours ago what kind of virus it was, he said pooshock and coin wallet was the virus he got I guess from Opera GX.
    My friend told me because he was warning me of it when I downloaded Opera GX. Although one problem, I cannot guarantee if he is lying or not, and I don't know what coin wallet or pooshock virus is, What I can guarantee though is that there was a app installed with Opera GX called "", but I sadly do not have any screeshots because I deleted Opera GX a while ago out of fear my PC might get infected.

    Yes I checked my PC for malware, nothing was found, but the thing is I never clicked on the app or whatever it was. What I don't understand though is why was it on my desktop? super suspicious af.

  • @birdz And you didn't install anything else?

  • @leocg no? the pooshock came with the installer, meaning when installation was complete, the opera gx browser and the pooshock was downloaded with it.

  • If it has an Opera icon that means it is a file type that Opera handles - either a URL (web link) or an HTML document.. You'd have to examine the properties of the file (right-click, Properties) to see which it is. Neither file type is in itself a virus, though I have no idea where it came from.

  • is a Russian-language site for program repacks. You downloaded some repack program from pooshock and installed an advertisement for this site along with it.

  • @samotxave dude no I downloaded opera GX from the official website i mentioned above, I didn't even know wtf POOSHOCK.RU was.

    @sgunhouse well I'm just as confused, I literally see every other video with installment working and only Opera GX installed, but nah I got one that had Opera GX and that pooshock. ;/.

  • @birdz samotxave doesnt imply that you downloaded Opera from pooshock, but that for whatever reason pooshock was already installed and now has placed an advertisement on your desktop, which happens to be a .html file and by that is associated to open with Opera. Thats why it shows the Opera icon.

  • @jkels No idea, I deleted opera a couple months ago, nothing has happened to my pc at all, I don't even know how would a POOSHOCK html file would get in my pc, I would have probably known by now.

  • @birdz Hey, I know this is from october. But i would like to explain what it is. It is a russian made html file managed by whatever your default browser is in settings. I got it from downloading a AE (after effects) plugin. But when I heard it spits out ads on ur screen i did not click on it at all. Then i went onto reddit to see what it is. Then I found out its just a plugin download html that auto downloads from AE or other stuff aka they (AE) will download this onto your pc, then if u click it spams ads on your pooshock tab.

  • @twitchypsd Hi! So my friend got same problem as u did and she deleted plugins that she downloaded for Ae and she scaned her pc (scan said that there is no sus files) and I wanted to ask is she safe now? Does she need to do something again or? Ty for your reply because we would never knew what that was. Have good day/night (ik this topic was from January, sorry for replying now).