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  • Anyone tried out the new "experimental start page" option? opera://flags/#experimental-start-page

    I did, it looks like they're copying Windows 8.x. No actual thumbnails, though for a few sites they do have icons. The actual page titles don't show until you hover the "tile" (borrowing the word from Windows 8), which is a problem if you have several pages on the same site in your speed dial (several FB pages perhaps? Anywhere you might bookmark pages from several friends on the same site). I thought - as Win 8 looks - that it might be intended as a touch interface ... but you won't be able to see the titles with a touchscreen anyway as your hand is in the way. Overall ... I think it could have some merit at some future date, but the current version needs work.

  • The new startpage is really good. I think it is the same thing when the devs change Opera for Android from round icons to square icons. I will test more.

  • The ideia is great using icons instead of page print. They have to fix the heart button: with the new startpage there is no add to speed dial in heart button.

  • They did the same thing with Opera Mobile a while ago - only that there's no hover state on a touch device and it's even harder to distinguish same-domain pages there.
    I haven't messed around with it yet, but I suppose that it's still contained inside opera.pak, and being HTML5-based, it should be hackable (read: possible to be played with).

  • The new start-page looks really good. But as mentioned above: it is not possible any more to distinguish different bookmarks from the same domain, since they all have the same icon and the page titles are hidden until I hover the mouse cursor over it.
    In my case I have several pages from google-docs linked and they all look exactly the same 😞

    Maybe you could add an option to display the titles permanently?

  • Thanks for the hint with opera://flags/#experimental-start-page

    It seems to fit Opera's new way to ask users to test something new, but don't give them a way to turn it off again easily.

  • How do I show the titles of Speeddial folders? Thanks.

  • How do I show the titles of Speeddial folders? Thanks.

    Open the folder and pass the mouse over the icons

  • I was meaning the actual title of the folder not the items within it.

  • Just realised if you hover over the folder it shows the title. I presume there isn't a way of putting the titles below as in the old Speed dial?

  • I tried and quickly switched back! Win8 look? NO!!!

    If this going to be a new look, seriously, I'll start using themes! 😃

  • But there are no SUCH themes 🙂
    Thumbnails are essential as it has been already said many many times.
    Tiles on the PC screen are not too small for thumbnails!

  • Speed dial extensions don't work on new speed dial.

  • I don't like it!

  • I don't like that either. There should be option to choose, if you want an icon or screenshot. And if you want an icon, you should be able to choose, which one from website should that be.

    I don't like "random" colors of tiles either. If a page design is for example mostly in green, I cannot associate tile with that page, if tile is purple.

    Left menu instead of top I like, but that should be in preferences. Overall I liked old speed dial more.

  • With that choice for new page it already tooks longer too load.

    And please no icons, text in icons is not right and many looks the same.

    Don't change the good stuff, take care of a easy to use multi language bookmark extension.

    It's a browser not a game, so keep on the good work.

  • I'm a bit of a fan of the Metro look, but I gotta say the functionality is a bit poor on that one.
    Still, it's better than out of date screenshots, so I don't mind so much. I liked the icon extension that used a website's favicon.ico but I guess we'll have to wait for something stable.

    My main beef with this is that it's SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooowwwww.

    How the hell does it take almost a minute to load a start page with no thumbnails and just text?

  • Just when I get used to something, it changes.

    Now, where are the speed dial extensions? I actually liked those.

  • I don't like the new startpage. It's not suitable for working "productively". Because I can't see the content from the website!

    For exmaple:
    I have two different pages from one website in my speeddial. Both have the same icon. I can't see the content. I have to move over with the mouse, to see the "name" of the website.

    The new startpage is bad. I hope, Opera will delete this or I hope Opera let me decide what I want to use (the old or the new startpage).

    With the new startpage is Opera unusable for me! But at the moment I can use the old startpage.

  • i dont like it, i need thumbnails