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  • I want to import all bookmarks and speed dial, (10.000 items)
    Despite successfull log in and visual access to all data, its impossible synchronising = importing, any of these Phone made bookmarks to newly installed Opera on PC.

    All seen in the sidebar, and works flawlessly on five different phones.
    All boxes available seems ticked as needed.

    Known issue, or did I miss something?

  • It will take time to transfer that many bookmarks, give it a chance.

  • @sgunhouse only made visual or actually synchronised?
    This arrangement is an extraodinary unclear mess!
    How about describing excactly how synchronisation is working in detail?
    During years even 10 year old mobiles has synchronised without any issues.

    Bookmarks in sidebar on PC shows the same mobile twice, (even the PC running Opera is counted) which is meaningless and cluttering, when removing one of the redundant mobiles from the PC sidebar (actually the primary mobile carrying the entire 10.000 bookmarks from start), excactly this highly important mobile has suddenly got its 4.000 speed dials deleted, and personal long established order of 6.000 Bookmarks are completely disordered !!!!!

    When opening the account to synch this important device from scratch, I'm told there's still some 10.000 items on the server, but encrypted!
    How am I supposed to manage essential data when Opera setup is cluttering mandatory functionality, whithout basic explanation is presented the user trusting this service?!

    How is it possible to log in and stil being denied access to primary data?
    I haven't changed any password and each item has been synchronising flawlessly until Opera on PC were connected...
    If the PC is supposed to lead what, and how synchronised data is handled, a clear explanation of this would be reasonable.

  • @cypernisse What exactly is the problem? You are logged in to sync but you can't see your bookmarks from other Opera installations? None of them?

  • @leocg I can see my book marks on the PC, but only in the sidebar. they are not loaded in Opera as usual!

    Next to that the original Mobile has the original bookmark structure totally messed up and no single speed dial available, because i deleted the redundant phone on PC.

    Since using Opera on PC, everything is a mess on other devices, which shouldn't be the outcome using a synchronisation service...

    It's my impression Opera is uninteressted in issues outside their ordinary life behind the desk...

  • @cypernisse What do you mean by only in the sidebar?