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Version:70.0.3728.178 -Slow since latest update

  • I truly hoped the latest update would have fixed the severe lag Opera has exhibited lately, but no. It is very, very slow at times when clicking on a link. I often have to stop it, and try again. That sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't. It happens on many pages, and makes reading forums an exercise in frustration. Often nothing happens after clicking a link, it just spins, showing it is trying to load.

    I have FIOS with 200 Mbps, provisioned for 300 Mbps, and the speed is confirmed with Speedtest. I have no issues with Firefox, or Safari. I would much rather be using Opera, but I have had to go back to Safari until Opera is fixed.

  • Please don't conclude from your problem to all Opera users: Here Opera (latest version) runs without problems, fast and smoothly. I don't think that Opera alone is the problem...

  • @operaoperandi it's an Opera issue. this doesn't happen on chrome or brave browser with the exact same extensions loaded. google search links don't respond correctly and links take a very long time to load

  • If it were a pure Opera problem, most people would probably have the same problem you mentioned. But it doesn't seem so, otherwise your thread would probably "overflow”.
    I don't doubt that you have a problem with Opera, but as I said before, it's probably not just Opera. Unfortunately I can't help you, because I can't reproduce your problem. It is not said that all extensions "work" identically in all browsers. The substructure might not be the same. For example, extensions from the Chrome Web store under Opera sometimes have limited functionality. This is also mentioned by Opera when you load an extension for Opera which is actually intended for Chrome.
    By the way: Do you still have this bug with the latest Opera version 72.0.3815.200?

  • I just downloaded the newest version, after the Opera website gave me the Windows version when I first tried to download the update! A precursor of things to come...
    Open it up, and it has saved none of my top sites, none of my passwords, and when I tried to sync it, it just sat spinning, then become nonresponsive, ao I had to force quit it. When it opened back, my entire message I was going to post here, and the page itself, had vanished! So I'm doing this now on Safari, because the nest two times I've tried just opening Opera it froze up, even freezing up my whole computer for awhile, until I could finally access the Force Quit menu, and closed that mess down.

    What is wrong with Opera? Whether I have it on my iMac, using Mojave OS, or my Macbook Pro, using High Sierra, it has not worked worth a damn, for the last several updates, and seems to meltdown quicker & quicker with each one. I get my hopes up, as all the new features and stuff sound great, but then it just doesn't work. Pages are slow or don't open at all, and that Sync, what a hot mess that is, it has never worked as it should, constantly freezing up. I keep trying each new update, and keep being so very, very disappointed. And that fact that not everyone has these kinds of problems, doesn't mean there's not something buggy with it, as many people are also complaining about these kinds of issues. I'm not sure there's any product that is 100% lousy, but it doesn't take 100% failure to judge something inferior.... sorry.

  • Tried opening it one more time, with nothing really open, I couldn't get it to work for even five minutes, before it became non-responsive again. I've never had a browser perform this pathetically in 30 years of using computers.... Do the developers really not see something isn't working?

  • @stevenjcee It's working here, so probably it's working in the developers computers too.

  • @leocg Do you honestly think this kind of response is rational, or even respectful of those posting here? When carmakers do a recall, because a flaw in one system may cause fatal occurrences, it is Never about "all" or "most" of the cars being deathtraps, so denying bugs exist in Opera because it doesn't show itself in your computer, or the developers, is like being one of the blind men and the elephant. It doesn't affect me, so it must not be affecting everyone... You don't think it's at all reasonable to believe that if all other browsers work normally, but Opera, in a good number of cases, & you know only a tiny percentage of people take the time and effort to post in this forum (which is not known as a very realistic pathway to foment positive changes, but only to vent, or find workarounds. You can count on thousands of others simply throwing up their hands and moving off Opera, back to a more reliable browser. To make extrapolations based on the number of those complaining here is quite unscientific...

  • @stevenjcee I really like Opera, but since they removed Instant Search, which as a killing feature, I don't have any strong reason to stay using it. If Chrome gets better, like Speed Dial and mouse gestures, I would probably go back to it.

  • @stevenjcee Yes, I think. It's a normal response to what was said.

  • Two? Even if one includes the number of unreported cases, the problem does not seem to be widespread. Here in a forum, people who have problems get in touch. Those who don't have any will hardly ever get in touch.
    I'm just bothered by the thought that a bug that relatively few people have is stylized into a general problem that "must" affect all Opera users. So the statements and partly spiteful answers in this thread reach me.
    There seems to be an Opera problem that does not affect all users and probably in connection with other system settings that you are probably not even aware of.
    I know that this answer is not too helpful for this problem, but it had to be said.

  • @nintendork07 I have same problems with Opera for Windows... It's not the only Mac version problem.

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  • Same problem here for about 3 weeks. Tab just freezes on google search page. I reinstalled opera, disabled all the extensions and the problem persists.

    At the last update the browser closed unexpectly every day, but now it seems to be ok with another update. I don't know what the developers are doing, but i consider moving to safari after many years of opera.

  • I want to make things clearer: I'm using Chrome again because it uses way less CPU (specially on YouTube: C=8% / O=30%) and the pages load instantly, while Opera is getting this weird and annoying delay to open pages - firewall is properly set.

  • I am also seeing this in Opera on Mac OS. I've seen it for quite a while, but it seems to be worse lately.

    Behavior I see: Clink on a link and page begins to load and spinner shows on the tab header. The connection state shows that the certificate is loaded and trusted at this point - so the TCP connection has succeeded and the TLS handshake apparently succeeded (not 100% sure, it would have the cert at the beginning of the handshake process, so it's possible that that being present in the UI does not indicate handshake completion). At this point, the tab is blank, and then after some time the page suddenly pops and gets rendered. I think this is normally 5-10s, but I counted it earlier today and it was more like 40s, which led me back here (I had checked here in the past, but the hassle of creating an account was enough to stop me from reporting).

    I have ad block and tracker block disabled. I have no extensions installed. Opera is up to date

    Any suggestions for getting more diagnostic info when it's in this state to figure out what it's waiting for?

  • @operaoperandi I haven't, and I don't recall seeing anyone saying "It must affect all Opera users", so your response is both unhelpful, and complete hyperbole. What's the use of a user forum, if everyone is simply told, their problem has nothing to do with Opera, and has to be due to something they're doing wrong?
    And no, people who have problems don't all come here and post, so because you may only see a few with the same issue, that in no way means it's not widespread, only that a few still bother to come here and post.

    There's plenty other sites around that will help people with issues about any browser, & I've often found better assistance just asking my question as a search, than using Apple's user forum, or other specific product ones. So, there may be thousands of others with the same issues, or more likely, they've just moved on to another browser.