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[Solved] Tab with opens whenever a previous tab is clicked

  • I have a problem that surfaced recently, i usually use multiple tabs while using the browser and they stay open even i close the app the option to bring back them after reopening is always on. So for the last couple days whenever i click one of my already opened tabs a tab opens with the link that i wrote on the title and then it redirect itself either norton antivirus website or nord vpn or something similar. It won't be adblocked even though i have Ublock origin and Umatrix also Opera's self adblock working. I searched the link through google and got just one answer which is Statscrop website that tracks visits to website and seems is in the rank of 25.280 and 11k daily visitors. If you try to go to website directly it ends up with 403 Forbidden. Now here is the catch even if this is a malware (i run malwarebytes already and got 12 result and rid of them) i do not know where it is coming from or how my browser is infected. One more thing it doesn't always open new tab with a redirected ad website. It does this very sporadically. It happens in any tab i am clicking. Now since its happening very few times through out the day it may be looked over but i am kinda really annoyed that i am infected something like this and there isn't any indications where did that come from or how i rid of it. And seems its not known on the internet too because my search resulted nothing. The behaviour maybe helps that it doesn't get noticed where ever it infected itself it shows up in between times that people doesn't report or care. So i am hoping someone has an idea that would help me rid of it.

  • @OptimiXX Already followed the instructions and checked with extensions disabled and with a clean profile? Already checked your system for malware with other programs? Did you install anything recently on your computer?

  • @leocg Followed some of them, lately i did not installed anything new actually. Malwarebytes search turned up 12 hit but nothing latest or conclusive or even about Opera GX, those were about Chrome, and normal Opera Stable version which i am not using currently still i also rid of those. I didn't make a search other than Malwarebyte though and i do not know any other better malware search program. About the first part of the instructions no i did not followed those yet because thing is i wouldn't know when this new ad tab will happen again even if disable all those and use clean profile and i have many settings i am in need for using the browser and addons and all of them created no problem about this and they were there for a long time actually. This is pretty recent occurance, just a 2 days or more maybe. Btw my browser is core is 68.0.3618.206 and all the windows 10 updates done.

  • @OptimiXX You should follow the instructions, there are reasons for them to exist.

    How about running an anti-virus on your system?

  • @leocg I had run an anti-virus and cleaned some other problems too but i also discovered the cause of the problem. Which is not related to the browser or at least not directly. It was a website that i am using that was having pop up ad system which normally always blocked by Opera but seems they either changed something or my Opera got lazy so it started to show itself. Added it to the adblock list as an extra measure which now closes the pop up easily. Though why it didn't before i do not know. Anyway thank you for helping me.