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Opera GX on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Manjaro 20.03 XFCE, MacOS, etc.)

  • Greetings, all...

    As a Linux user, I find it highly upsetting that I'm unable to test, help develop, and create feedback for the browser (Opera GX) for the community. More and more users - specifically gamers, since they're your target audience - will be switching quite quickly to Linux, due to the many advantages Linux gaming has over Windows gaming, and I believe the early access should not just be limited to Windows - rather, it should also be available for Mac/Linux users as well on relatively similar levels. Would it be possible to give support for Linux so users in the Linux community can contribute to further accelerate the growth of this browser?

    Re: GX on GNU Linux?

  • I hate to bump an older thread (but rather than create another thread for the same thing, I thought it would make sense to reply to this one. But I completely agree! I use Linux (Manjaro) at work as my primary OS, and I recently came across a news article referencing the buying of Yoyo games by Opera and Opera GX and so I played around with Opera GX a bit over the weekend and I really liked it. I, like the op, find it highly upsetting that Linux users are left out to test, help develop, and provide feedback on features for the browser. More software really needs to support Linux and I don't mean just Ubuntu, or RedHat either.

    Come on Opera, make this happen. It's built on top of Chromium isn't it? Is there really Windows specific stuff that can't be ported over? I know cpu and memory are handled a little differently, but if you're working within the Chromium framework already and Chromium works on Linux (and most of the non-core OS stuff is going to be javascript anyway), I feel like it shouldn't be that hard since Chromium already runs on Linux. Are you guys really modifying the code on the C/C++ side that much that this is out of the question? At least, announce that you're working on it or something...

  • We want OperaGX on Linux now!

  • @stakfallt imagine if all they need to do is pass an argument that lets it build for Linux. I've had to do that on, like, 3 Github programs, and the only addition that was needed was to alloy the program when building, to build for a Linux deb and rpm.