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  • Hi I have the same problems and it is definitive Opera browser, because i checked websites with other browser.

  • Same here. My opera has been slow ever since the update to version 70. Using google can sometimes take a bit to load and when you click a link after having finished a google search it takes like 10 seconds or so just to open Wikipedia. I also tried re-installing version 69 to see if it's the same there but it instantly loads things. I don't know what happened but version 70 compared to 69 is really slow.

  • A similar situation.

  • Can confirm @noavalon 's 'test' to all who want to keep using a fast browser. Do the following:

    1. Open this page:
    2. Scroll all the way down and click on '69.0.3686.95/' (newest one without bug) then on 'win/'
    3. Then select corresponding to your machine structure the 'Opera_69.0.3686.95_Setup.exe' (32-Bit) or 'Opera_69.0.3686.95_Setup_x64.exe' (64-Bit) and download it by clicking on it!
    4. After the download run the installer and 'IMMEDIATELY' close the opened browser window because it will try to update it again.
    5. To prevent the auto updates you have to add '--disable-update' behind the executable target!
      Like this:
      alt text
      Be Aware: This has to be behind every link you open Opera with. otherwise it will just auto-update it!
      Sadly: there is no permanent option to avoid updates just this janky way of tempering with the executable links!
  • Same here.
    Opera is to slow. Tabs take long time to load, pages are unresponsive.
    Version : 70.0.3728.106 - updated today.

  • @popinjay01 So Opera it self is normal but page loading is slow? What version of Opera and what OS?

  • @leocg Don't be ridiculous. All that information is in my first two posts.

    How can Opera be 'normal' if we're all reporting the same problem?

    I think you're just trying to waste my time. All the information that Opera needs is on this thread.

  • Ok so i wrote an How-To to downgrade and disable update. But it seems that doesn't get approved. Anyway: disabling the updater doesn't actually disable the updater after two restarts of the browser it still just updates without asking 😢 Im offically switching what is the point of and executable flag if it doesn't work!

  • Example:

  • I don't have that problem
    but my first guess would be that your antivirus (or firewall) is treating new Opera executable file as threat and checking every action, request etc.

  • @vux777 This behavior happen after the update.

  • @popinjay01 If you want to remain a member of this forum, then it's better for you to start showing some respect to someone who are just trying to help.

    I'm just trying to understand what do you call slow, if the browser is slow at a whole, if just page loading is slow, if it's maybe something else.

    Well, I will not waste my time. Follow the instructions

  • @bmpf The same happen if you just type an address in address bar?

  • @leocg I don't really care what you think. If you are unable to read what's posted in this forum without having the need to post self explanatory questions, then that's your problem but don't ever try and threaten me. If Opera don't fix it, then I stop using Opera, simple as that.

    Or is that too difficult for you to understand too?

  • @leocg - No, what I notice is when I enter a page (same website or different) , or when I click 'open in another tab' or with the mouse middle key. This is not happening every time.

  • @popinjay01 Be my guest, you won1t be missed. you know, if you can't explain the problem, they will not be able to reproduce it and, therefore, will not have how to fix the problem.

  • @bmpf Okay, so it doesn't happen only if you open a page through a search page?

  • I've tried a few pages here and Opera seems normal, no serious slowness noticed.

  • @leocg No.... its a very weird behavior. Sometimes is snappy like always, sometimes takes longer. At the moment its not frequent. Maybe my antivirus was scanning the opera files after the update.... Maybe that's why it was taking longer. I ll test it more...

  • @leocg LOL!! You don't even work for Opera and you have the arrogance to threaten me and likely others, that they'll be banned from this forum?

    I see through clowns like you every day.

    You have nothing to do with Opera, so you can't help myself and others who are having this problem, so I respectfully suggest that you butt out and leave it to the big boys who actually CAN fix it.