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Extensions Sidebar in browser option disappeared

  • Awhile ago opera changed sidebar to take full height of the window.
    I don't like it.
    Thankfully, there was an option in the hidden settings to make it back the way it was - i.e. appear under menu and not to the side of it.

    With the latest update, the option is gone. WTF? WHY? Why would you limit options like that?
    Is there a way to once again make it like it was? I hate the new style!!!

  • I feared this day would come... now we have a white collum with bookmarks, that doesn´t fit there, everything moved to the right and a side bar, which i dont personaly use but now it must stay open... cause... you know... bookmarks. Seriously, with disapperance of open closed tab button I don´t see much reason to use opera.

  • last time my issue was resolved. If it isn't within a few days - I'm jut uninstalling Opera.
    I'm tired of this shitty practice of forcefully updating to new versions that take out old features and replace them with worse ones

  • @aisaaax Extensions sidebar and the browser sidebar were merged.

  • @leocg That should make me feel better about the new bulky, ugly and unweildy interface?
    Or what?

  • @aisaaax I was just saying what happened.

  • @leocg sorry for lashing out at you like that, I'm just very tired of Opera ruining the things I like every few months with no option to opt out of those updates.

  • @leocg OK, I know, but why no option to have the bar below, like previously? I mean not to take the full height? Damn you Opera developers! Now the address bar +extension icons and the bookmarks bar are shorter. Why???

  • If you don't like the extensions sidebar being merged with the main sidebar, you can go to the flags > sidebar and disable it.

  • @naheed My understanding is that with recent update this command was removed but pls correct me if I´m wrong.

  • You can't merge now - the flag is gone.
    I've been using vertical tabs for years. The Vertical Tabs extension in Opera. The extension sidebar has to be visible all the time with my browser tabs.
    The issue is not the merging though, but the pinned sidebar pane (with the extension content) occupying so much space vertically, from the top to bottom. The main browser pane along with the URL and favorities bars are much shorter now. It just doesn't make much sense. Not useful.
    There should be an option for this behavior.

  • It seems that Opera's developers are trying to become the most "hateful" browser possible (too many users on Opera?), FVD Speed Dial no longer has the right to work properly, now this choice for extension icons that is really annoying when they are no longer displayed on the top of the page.

    Opera's choices have been really disappointing lately, I always wanted to come back to Opera, but I think now I'll be able to forget that idea...

    Too bad, it was an excellent browser though, decisions, as usual it's trying to get a community that we don't listen to, I hope this will be heard by the devs, but as "listening" doesn't exist anymore in 2020...

  • @naheed Yeah, great advice, especially if I still want to display bookmarks on the side and Opera made sure to make this possible Only through the sidebar. Which they then made unusable.

  • Anyway, I'm just done with this browser and its delusional team that doesn't know how to design an interface. Moved to Vivaldi, set it up in 15 minutes and am happy with it. Bonus points - it doesn't even autoupdate, because it doesn't take itself so all-important as Opera does.

  • For my part, I also left Opera and I went on Brave Browser, rather nice a little more greedy in ram compared to others, but it has good assets, ergonomic and especially the addons works well!