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Request on choosing mobile version...Looking to Learn.

  • Three choices, how to choose? Where can I find a comparison? I currently use a Samsung J3, Windows laptop, and Windows desktop (at work). I'm located USA. How do I choose which mobile version is best for me? Do they all have Flow, or only Touch? What's the difference between Touch and Mini? Is Opera for Android a completely separate choice or like a parent of Touch and Mini? I prefer the desktop layout, but only on a screen larger than my phone. I don't know how to find or read my News feed on my phone. Yes, I am synced but the platforms aren't the same are they?
    Viewing change logs only adds to my confusion of what does what where. I appreciate any feedback.

  • @desertsiren Did you try looking at the products pages?

    Basically, Opera for Android is the most complete one, Touch is designed to be used with one hand and Mini is for those with less powerful phones and/or very limited data plans.

  • @leocg Thank you! Yes, I've read it all, even used all three. which is why I asked for difference, comparison, &/or purpose. Thank you for a succinct reply, now I get it. 😁

    I tend to get lost in link-land and overload on information. Then cannot remember where what came from, what it really said, how to find it again, &/or if it's true, verifying info if necessary, let alone then making a choice/taking action. Thus I take forever to make decisions, never mind actually accomplishing/completing anything. 😠

  • Touch is intended as a 1-hand browser for use on... well, phones small enough to be used by one hand. It supports connecting the browser to a desktop or laptop running Opera for Computers via My Flow, a means of sharing links, notes and images. Strangely (for most people, it doesn't have bookmarks and some features are only in portrait orientation (long side of your screen vertical). So it is good for quickly looking up websites, but not so much business, and not for tablets or designed to be used in landscape mode.

    Mini was designed originally as sort of a cloud browser - most of the actual rendering being done on Opera's servers and then just a small client on your device. It has evolved since then, but it still supports several degrees of data compression. So if you have a plan with limited or metered data (you pay per GB) then Mini is the browser for you. It does support Sync to share bookmarks and tabs with your other devices, but doesn't have all the features of Opera Browser for Android.

    Opera for Android is a full browser with pretty much all the features of a desktop browser except extensions, multiple windows, or sidebars. (Most versions of Android don't have windows or split-screen, so multiple windows or sidebars are out.) I'm posting this reply from Opera for Android on a tablet with attached keyboard.