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Facebook comment plugin is not working (version 2, for Opera 70)

  • ...And in fact has not worked since at least Opera 51, according to "A Former User" (see below).
    My OS is Ubuntu 18.04.4 with all the latest updates installed. I have the latest Opera as of this time (Opera-beta 70.0.3728.59 - I also tried with the non beta, and it has the same behavior). I also tried deleting all the relevant Opera and Facebook cookies and the Opera cache and, as you must have guessed, nothing worked.

    By "Facebook comment plugin" I refer to the external Facebook comment section of various websites. In what manner does it not work? Almost exactly how A Former User described here, back in March 2018 :

    The relevant section from the Former User's bug report (which was inexplicably locked with no replies at all..) is this :
    "Some newspaper sites use this social plugin on their comment section and when I try to comment an article, it shows a popup window where I login to Facebook but after I've logged in it starts a loop that refreshes the page and a blank popup shows and closes for so long as i click previous page."

    The slight difference is that my endless loop starts before I even log in the comment section (though I am logged in Facebook itself, with which I have no issues). The loop (of the comment section frame, not of the entire page) starts in all three cases :

    1. When I try posting a new (main) comment.
    2. When I try replying to another comment.
      and 3. Even when I "like" someone else's comment.

    The loop stops only if I reload the entire page or if I close the blank pop-up window very quickly a few times. It is also website agnostic, i.e. the problem is not just with one website (otherwise I would have reported the bug to that website). The Facebook comment section of thee distinct websites I just checked behaves identically. A Former User first dealt with this problem while using Opera 51. I have seen the same issue, consistently, since at least Opera 60 - maybe even earlier. Will it ever be fixed?

  • @sarduk Any examples of pages where it doesn't work?

  • @leocg Hello. and are two examples of websites I frequently visit (particularly the former). The comment sections behave the same on Opera. I do not see Facebook comments in as many websites as before these days but I do see them occasionally, and I'd like to be able to comment from Opera.

  • @sarduk I've tried here and comments are working as should, i can see them, I can post comments, I can reply to other comments.