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  • Opera forum uses Google spy-captcha? 😕 Funny but not funny... Does Google needs to know Everything we do on the Internet???
    Please Opera, you're able to program a browser, can't you program a captcha???

  • @daxorp I'm not sure if the forum uses it but the Opera account login page seems to use in some cases.

  • @daxorp I totally agree with you.

    Just like the Google Toolbar, Google Crome (which opera now is) and all Google widgets and apps, they spy and share everything you do.

    Complaint to the Data Regulator in your Country, or EU Data Commissioner.

    What sweet little Google I hear you say, yes this is the company that sent street map cars supposedly to map our streets, except they did more.

    They recorded all SSID's so they could map your online usage to your wifi yo your street, they equipped with with a Google Worm to break into routers and any computers they found behind them. They added the documents they found to "the index".

    Google Management tried to suggest the worm behaviour was not deliberate, but then a whistleblower provided emails and memo's where Google Engineers warned management of the abuse of privacy and the reply was to go ahead anyway.

    When confronted by regulators Google said it could delete the files but not the index of them which would be within Google forever.

    Visit the UK National Lottery site and Google will profile you as a gambler, it may screen grab your login details and have a good sniff around your account, we just do not know.

    Google say their mantra is "do not be evil" but the full version is "Do not be evil, only we can do that" (and get away with it).

    Get Google Captcha off this Opera site, it provides no security whatsoever,

  • @krasith said in The forum uses Google Captcha?:

    @daxorp I totally agree with you.

    Get Google Captcha off this Opera site, it provides no security whatsoever,

    Though I'm not an Opera employee and certainly not a fan of Google, on the contrary, Captcha generally does what it's intended for those employing it on their websites - which is to block bots from auto-creating logins and thus it helps to greatly thin the herd of spammers accessing the forum. Anyone who has lived through much of the history of Opera's forums over the years will recall the nearly uncontrollable waves of spam posts that would break out from time to time and swamp the forums. That said, there are at least 8-10 alternative anti-bot mechanisms available that offer similar protection, though knowing their effectiveness compared with Captcha in a forum application like this is above my pay grade.

  • I've recently been getting a lot of google "suspicious browsing" so solve out the captcha. I'm wondering if its a problem with opera and I've never had it happen before this week? is anyone else having this problem? I'm currently scanning my system for viruses, and I checked and I'm not using opera's VPN so that's not the problem.

  • @naheed What version of Opera and what OS?

  • Are you using the VPN or a private window? That will certainly make Google suspicious.