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How to turn off Opera as default browser...

  • In the settings menu, there is no choice to turn on or turn of Opera as the default browser. It just indicates that Opera IS the default browser.

    Am using version: 23.0.1522.60

    Thank you.

    Regards, Paul.

  • That's actually quite normal with browsers generally.
    The only way to easily stop a browser being the default browser is to set another browser as the default!
    If you don't want any browser as your default, you will have to edit the Windows file associations to remove the association with htm/html files.

  • +1 to what @davehawley wrote. The "default browser" setting is actually a series of operating system settings which cause the browser to be automatically invoked when certain file-type extensions (such as htm or html, etc) are clicked in some file/document/eMail or from within some other software. A browser is allowed by the OS to set the appropriate array of file extensions to invoke that browser when one clicks on its "set as default" option. The usual way to alter such an array of settings is to simply set another browser as default from within that other browser, which causes it to automatically set the whole array of browser-related OS settings to now point to itself. You can always manually remove the various file associations in the OS that have been set up by a browser, but you will probably find that there are more than just html settings involved... and it can be a chore to scan the entire file-type default list seeking out the browser-related ones. Moreover, you will probably want to avoid a situation where only some of a browser's normally-set default file-types invoke the browser, but others point nowhere or even to another browser - it can make life very confusing, plus it can confound a browser in some cases.

  • Thank you both for that. I just checked and Chrome wasn't set to be the default browser, although it was in the past. I haven't tried opening a link from an email post yet, but I'm sure that it has solved my problem. I have been using Opera for about 12 years and have no fault with the browser. Not sure why I switched to Chrome, but that's where my bookmarks are these days. I still use Opera on my Android phone.

    I should have asked here weeks ago!

    Regards, Paul.

  • you can always use winpatrol to monitor these settings and alert you if your default browser has changed. then you can restore it with the press of a button.