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  • Is there an option to disable search in the opera search cum address bar.

    For instance when I type in in the address bar it doesn't take me there website but to an google search of that website. I Do Not want that behaviour - things with full site address with http protocol prefixed should not be searched for by google.

    I don't want every link i type to be first forwarded to google as a search. Can I disable search in the address bar completely? I am willing to go to the google home page when I want to search.

    As far as I can tell Opera forces me to use a search engine - there is no option to disable search. Any assistance will be appreciated.


  • I don't have a problem getting a search from the main address bar. Just type www before your address and it will do the rest. This is an Omni-search/address bar. As far as I'm aware the search function cannot be disabled, but you will be able to put an address in the address bar, and go directly to the website. It's just a bit of getting used to, after which it is easy.

    Now your searches don't have to be fast forwarded to Google. You can choose other default search engines -- Bink, Yahoo, etc. Opera limited the number of default search engines, because of malware overriding user settings and directing all searches to malicious third-party sites. It's an unfortunate situation, but hopefull, when the danger is resolved, there will be more default engines.

    However, you can easily add your own search engine of choice (not one of the pre-selected defaults) by going to a website with a search bar, and right clicking on it, and adding it to Opera. Then you have to add the code letter in front of the search query. For Duck Duck Go,by way of example (though this general approach works for any search engine), go to and then right click on the search bar. Choose "Create Search Engine." When you do, you will notice the assigned code/letter(s). It might be a "d" for DuckDuckGo, and then you can go back to the main Opera 23 address bar, and make your search query in the address bar by just typing the "d" in front of it. Thus, one letter should do it: d [space] [search query].

    Further, even even if you might like to use Google (because of how excellent the results are, but you have privacy concerns, don't want your search queries linked to you, your search queries can be hidden. You might try the Disconnect Search extension (which I have been using)

    When you do a search (after you have this extension), it's routed through Disconnect, so the search cannot, it's my understanding, be linked to you. Now Disconnect Search has five default search engines of it's own. And you can use Disconnect Search, and still have your searches in the main Opera Address Bar.

  • I don't have this issue, I can type without http://www. and it leads me to the website not a search.

    Maybe you should try disabling your extensions.

  • I also have this problem: can anyone help?

  • Did you try disabling your extensions?

  • What are extensions and how to disable them???

  • What are extensions and how to disable them???

    If you don't know what an extension is then most probably you don't have any to disable.

    Basically, extensions are addons that allow the user to do something that couldn't be done natively by the browser.