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  • Hello,

    I migrated from Google Chrome browser to Opera GX recently and I am missing a Chrome's feature: Mostrar como guia (in English: Show as tab). It permits you to show a window as tab so you can drag it to your main window and work with only one instead of work with multiple windows.

    This may seem a little useless as you can open links as new tabs, but some actions can't be done by opening new tabs and hence new windows are automatically opened when you click, e.g. Hangouts calls. So, if I want to talk with someone on Hangouts and to use the Opera GX simultaneously, I am obligated to keep two windows opened.

    Below there are screenshots to show how the Show as tab feature is performed in Chrome and how it is not possible in Opera GX:

    **Figure 1 [Google Chrome]: ** This window is opened when I click the video call button. It is not possible to hit this button opening as a new tab (Please notice that "Mostrar como guia", in Portuguese, stands for "Show as tab", in English) cap 1.png

    Figure 2 [Google Chrome]: Now I am able to drag the tab to my main window containing many other tabs. cap 3.png

    Figure 3 [Opera GX]: On the other hand, I cannot do this in Opera GX. cap 2.png

    The main gain of this feature is practicality.

    I hope I have been clear in describing the problem. Thanks in advance.

  • You can move tabs from one window to another and then close the extra window, presuming both windows are the same program (Opera GX). Otherwise you'd need to copy the URL from one then open a new tab and Paste and go.

  • @sgunhouse Thank you for the quick response. As I said, I can't move the Hangouts calling window to another because it is not opened as tab, but as a window instead. However I have just tested your second approach (copy and paste the link) and it seems to work perfectly as a workaround. So, thank you for the solution!

  • I have also (with such popup windows) if they have links right-clicked the link to choose Open in new tab, though that's not the original page (that's the linked page).

  • Just to leave registered, I tested the 'copy and paste' way to solve this problem in a real video call yesterday (using Opera GX, only) and I it didn't work unfortunately, although it doesn't seem to be a Opera GX's fault.

    I was on a actual video call with a friend and everything was going well with the popup window, so I have copied and pasted the window's link in a new tab and the video call loaded perfectly (at the new tab). But right after the loading was finished I had to click on Hangout's button saying Join the meeting or something close to that. After click on it, I was duplicated, i. e., there were two of me and one of my friend on the calling (no problem though) and I could make me be listened and seen, but I was able to only see my friend, not to listen to him... that was the real problem.

    After some tries we gave up from this solution and continued to use two windows separately. 😕