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  • @rjrapier It's a strange thing you know. How things like this happen to organisations. I'm almost 100% certain that anyone in their right mind would acknowledge that this is poor design, a huge glaring bug, or just something that shouldn't be. Yet it somehow gets through testing and released to the public.

    I can only guess there is some opinionated guy in charge at Opera who refuses to budge on his/her idea, and all his subordinates just go yeah ok boss, whatever you say sir...

    I mean...that's how it works at my workplace...the boss is an idiot and everyone just does as he says because it's easier to.

  • Aw. Apologies then. I thought it would work, but you guys are right. The sidebar still pops up. Especially with messenger. 😞

  • My sidebar keeps coming back upon every Opera startup. If I close Opera right now and reopen it, the sidebar is back.


    -Recently saddened long time user.

  • @sgunhouse said in How can I get rid of the sidebar?:

    If they add something new (most recently Instagram) to the sidebar, they want you to be able to see it. It shouldn't appear after regular (minor) updates unless you have something enabled that is trying to notify you - if it appeared recently, try disabling some of the items in the sidebar.

    That's nice, but I don't care about what they add to the sidebar, I don't want to see it, that's why I turn it off. What is the point of having settings if they keep getting changed on updates?

  • This post is deleted!
  • I know how to get rid of sidebar ,is there anything to get rid of completely it keeps coming back and i don't want it, also a lot of links on opera don't matter which one you use don't work getting frustrating now as cant log into sites ,it's shame as have to go to alternative browsers to sign in which sort of defeats the task

  • I agree with the general comments here that it should honour your settings both during normal use and through upgrades. This is one of the most annoying features of software in general, not just with Opera.

    Personally, I do use the sidebar but I also hide it when I'm not interested in it. I then don't want it to reappear unless I choose to display it (and vice-versa).

  • @careware I like the sidebar but I also often want it hidden and I agree the software should honour the user's choices.

  • I've been using opera as my main browser for at least 8 years now and I've tolerated the changes and closer moves to chrome even though some of those are exactly why I left chrome. I am really trying to wrap my head around the changes because not everyone sets a browser up the way I do or for my reasons and I truly get that so I will spell it out plain and simple.

    1. I do not and have no plan to use any social media platforms because of security related issues related to my career. I would need clearance to do so.
    2. I know where history and settings are if I need to use them and I shouldn't have to do anything with them typically once the browser is set up so there is no reason to have them accessible from 2 different places. It makes no difference if they are on the sidebar or the top left tab it's the same amount of clicks so its just re-DUHndant.
    3. Some people like it. Goody for them. Please put a lock on it so it will stop popping out when I am working on something? That's all I ask. it has popped out at some of the most inconvenient times and wiped out pages or work or caused typing messes and other issues. I don't care if its there and I am not asking to remove it -- just allow me to lock it because I will never use it. I have over a dozen folders in bookmarks with well over 100 bookmarks in them that are spread across the top bar that I use daily so I don't need to repeat them in the sidebar either. I think that's fair. It's bad enough that I must occasionally wipe all the promotional crap off things after an update but at least those don't jump out into what I may be working on.
      It has created problems where I work and now because of it, we cannot have Opera in our desktop office pc's anymore and it just picks the worst times to up and pop out when it wants. I know of at least 10,000, probably more pc's that have had it removed from where I work through the entire company and if something is not done to lock it I will find something else as well for my home and work laptop. You need to realize. Adblockers can be put into almost anything other than Edge, and VPN's are best left tied at the network head or modem, router or switch where they are most efficient and effective.
      The entire success of opera was based on its ability to be user customized, don't ruin that now or I will be one of the ones leaving. Just put a permanent lock option on it and stop it from randomly popping out. I know its there and if I ever find a need for it then I will use it when I am ready. Until then its just annoying and causing too many problems in my life.
  • @ceico it's in settings--> side bar settings--> show side bar

  • @nazozt is it permanent? or until next time opera decides to propagate some social media or other useless functionality?

  • @ceico i haven't used it but i think it is

  • @nazozt please read the rest of the discussion here first.

  • @ceico I have not had issues with it reappearing lately. Last one or two updates of Opera seem to have left my settings as is.