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  • I've been enable to scroll on random sites and it happened again just now. This time I figured I'd search about it. Haven't found anything recent about it. I've disabled the Classic Tabs and Opera Ad Blocker extensions and still no joy. Attempting to scroll down a page Opera moves slightly down then back to the top. Also, I cannot copy that page's URL for some reason. Opera just doesn't let me. I tried the same page in other browsers and they scroll it fine. Page in question for now is here. Thanks.

  • @splat I've visited the site and I didn't notice any problem scrolling. Have you checked in Private Window (CTRL+SHIFT+N) with all the addons disable?

  • Yes, I just tried that and getting the same problem. BTW, I don't know why my link is now coming back to the forum here. The link should be Thanks.

  • @splat
    Doesn't scroll here normally either.

    This is certainly site problem - if it is working in Chrome, then they detect Opera and handle it wrong.
    You may try switch Opera user agent (on these forums I have seen clear instructions, how to do that) to Chrome one - does site behavior improve? If yes, then report to site support about that.

  • @donq Thanks. It also scrolls fine in Pale Moon / Firefox.

  • @donq OK, just disabled the "select automatically" option and tried the Chrome - Windows and the Firefox - Windows agents and still not allowing me to scroll to bottom. It keeps bouncing back to top of page. And Opera still does not allow me to highlight the page's URL to copy it. Interesting.

  • @splat
    Why it doesn't allow to copy url and why it scrolls up - looks like it is constantly reloading itself.

    It is possible that this page attempts to access some (ad)blocked resource and when it can't connect, reloads itself. Unfortunately disabling all my ad- and other blockers didn't help.
    Disabling javascript did help, but this disables on-site search. Navigation works; shopping most likely not.

    I would report to site owner - they should be interested 🙂

  • @donq That's what I think is happening, as well. It keeps trying to reload the page, which is why you can't scroll to bottom of the page. It just reloads. Well, I've let the site owners know. It's there ball now. Cheers and thanks. Stay healthy.

  • Open the developer tools, check the Network and the Console tabs, and you should be able to tell if it's reloading the page.
    Some sites display a div or iframe in front of the page with some message, disabling clicking and scrolling, typically asking to register. With the developer toolbar you can remove those and restore the scrolling, usually by removing the overflow:hidden css property from the html or body element.

  • @alobpreis
    It is reloading, this is clearly seen (and long history on back button popup confirms it) - this also explains inability to select address bar contents - no css can disable that.
    From page source looks like there is some javascript redirector on this page; why and where it redirects, would need some more debugging - but apparently it redirects to itself and process is repeated.

    On IE for example it redirects 6 times and resumes in text
    "This Item Is Not Available For Purchase Due To Country Restrictions.
    Click here to continue"
    In Opera, I may have my location information disabled and looks like they have no clue, what to do.