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  • @radekpilich

    Yeah, thank you for your answer and concerns, but what do you know about my mind capacity? As @namero999 points - limiting the amount is not a way out, nobody forces you to create more than 5 if you have problems with dealing with it.

  • So I more or less switched to Opera for this one feature alone, workspaces make a huge difference to me.

    But the random 5 workspace limit is killing me - can we please please increase it?

    At a glance I don't see any other browser that offers something as nice as workspaces, but if Opera doesn't increase the limit from 5 then I'll be switching as soon as something else comes along.

    FWIW, I don't think there should be any limit whatsoever. But I could make do with 10 probably.

  • Having tried to hack my way through this pointless limitation, I've figured that it might be a bad code architecture decision.

    By scanning the different configuration files I've found that the workspaces are actually defined numerically, that is, workspace_1, workspace_2 etc... as opposed to have a generic workspaces structure defined as an unbound set. So, in order to keep things manageable, they had to put this limitation in place.

    This was probably a feature given to an intern or junior dev, based on how trivially it has been implemented. To refactor this, they'll need to put some non-trivial effort into it, so my expectations of this happening are really low. I just cannot understand how this could pass the review of a project owner, honestly.

    Same boat here, as a long time Opera user eventually converted to Chrome, they have won me back just because of the workspaces... but already looking for a better implementation of this great idea somewhere else...

    If there was a way to contribute code to this, I'd do it myself.

  • That's interesting. Hopefully they see this thread and - rubbish implementation or not - can at least copy and paste those a few more times so we have a more useable limit! 🙂

    It's a shame because it's such a great feature otherwise.

  • Okay, just another thing on this topic:

    Maybe we can start from having more icons to choose?
    There is a "food" and a "plane" icon, yeah - nice. But maybe I'm a music producer and need to have a "music" icon? What with people who are doing different stuff?

  • From today's Opera Developer 73 release changelog:

    DNA-88682 Increase the number of allowed workspaces to the number of available icons

  • That is an amazing news! Thanks Opera! This should bring the number of available worskspaces to 24.

  • Beautiful!! Wonderful news.

    Thanks to everyone who worked on this - looking forward to 73 release

  • This is so great! Thanks Opera. you're the best browser I have ever used! 🙂 Off: One thing missing is the translation of the site. If Opera has it, I would never use Google Chrome or Edge to translate sites.

  • Thank You

    It's a piece of wonderful news.
    Especially because of fact, that we've been heard.
    That's why I still consider Opera as the best browser to work with.


  • @leocg said in Allow more than 5 workspaces:

    DNA-88682 Increase the number of allowed workspaces to the number of available icons

    When might this be added to Opera GX?

  • With the developer version 74, I was able to create 24 workspace, as many as the number of predefined icons. Promising.

  • @roti-0 Sorry to revivify this old thread, but I'm looking to create more than 5 workspaces with Developer v.74 -- When I click the "add more" workspaces button in the Sidebar setup, it just force-renames one of the existing 5 that I already have. Nothing I can find or do will create more than 5 Workspace tabs. Does anyone know the exact procedure whereby one creates Workspaces #6-24? Any help would be highly regarded! :^)

  • @jhjones Update to a current version, 74 is too old.

  • @jhjones This fix has even already made it to the regular public branch, I've been rocking 7 workspaces for a few weeks now. (Thanks devs!)