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Opera need 2 x resource than chrome !!!!

  • Hello everyone hope you are good in this difficult time.

    It has been a while that the opera is "freezing" when i have many pages open so I made a test. opening 3 webpages on opera and 3 on chrome and when i checked the ressources in RAM opera was taking 2 times more RAM than google!!!

    The problems is that when i open 10 or 15 pages opera is freezing!!!
    I never had this problem with chrome!!

    Is there a solution about this ? (without changing my RAM)
    My Computer is W10 8go RAM

  • When you hit shift + esc in Opera to open its task manager, what Opera process is using more ram that Chrome?

  • @burnout426 ![here you have a screenshot ]2020-04-15_20h21_42.png

  • @Ddragon That is Windows task manager and not Opera's as mentioned.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg @fckopera oki i kinda understand but the real thing when i opened this topic is not why he is taking more ram but, why when i open so many opera's windows and especially with YouTube is "freezing" and i can't use it more!!! once i close some of them opera is doing better.... is there something i should do.

    Thank you for your time
    Best regards

  • @Ddragon

    Please, open Opera internal task manager, just like @burnout426 said - there you can see, which part of Opera consumes too much of resources - maybe we can find out, what is wrong.

    I for example have tens of tabs open and no excessive resource usage here.

  • @donq Thanks for your input on this thread.....I am following your posts as i am having a similar issue. Just over the past few days, my Opera browser goes into a sort of "stall" and "about 90 to 100% high CPU usage" for 3 to 20 seconds or so. I am running Windows 10. The Opera internal task manager just shows the specific individual Opera Browser listing (at the top) as the only listing in the long list of processes that is "causing or using" the high CPU drain. Possibly I am "reading" the Opera Internal Task manager incorrectly, but I do not think so. The Windows task manager at this time shows the Opera Browser as the culprit. I usually have multiple Opera browser windows open......varying from 5 to 15 or so.....along with another browser or 2. Just moments ago my computer went into another one of those "almost 100% High CPU usage stalls"........and I could get absolutely nothing to work in keys would respond at all......just like a total system failure and "stall". It was so bad and "all consuming" that I could not even get the Opera internal task manager to open !!!! So I immediately switched to my Avast Browser........ while this Opera "stall and freeze" was in process......and amazingly I could do anything and search, pull up websites, etc. But my Opera was still frozen and in one of its "now pretty regular and random complete system failure stalls". And again, this "issue" just started about 5 days go. My gut feeling tells me that during those "stall and freeze" times, the Opera browser is communicating data or other contact or "keep in touch" info with its "parent host" somewhere in computer-land. I know computers are pretty complex nowadays with tons of processes going on all the time, but this just seems a bit strange as it is only Opera specific.
    Any guidance or tips you may have would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • @douglas1
    Sorry to hear about your problems 😞 You seem being not the only user, having such excessive use of CPU resources, unfortunately from all posts here (and in related threads) it is not clear, what may be cause of such trouble. You said that Opera browser task itself takes CPU - this should eliminate some tabs or some extensions going mad.

    • Are you using Opera VPN? This looks like one possible culprit (it is not bound to any extensions or tabs), but I would not bet on it anyway.
    • Are you using Opera sync? Some people have reported that this hangs browser up, at least for some time after startup.
    • Have you installed any third-party firewall, security site, disk or network monitoring tool or similar? Although they usually do not interfere with Opera, they cannot be excluded either.
    • Can you monitor Opera network traffic? I would use Fiddler - this should show all webpage and related resources requests, unfortunately it may not intercept non-http(s) traffic.

    For further diagnosing, I would try Opera portable (or just different Opra instance) installation alongside your main browser. In these forums (search?) are posted gudelines, how to run it in a way not messing with current settings.
    If running such 'clean' browser doesn't use CPU abnormally, then I would think that something is wrong with your current installation. If it hangs too, then it should be some generic Opera problem (somehow related to your computer configuration) and you should send bug report to Opera and so on - it is quite hard (if not plain impossible) to debug such issues on forums.

  • here are some screenshot when the opera freezes again

    the black part is for hiding my info perso

    2020-05-06_21h05_25.png 2020-05-06_21h05_09.png

  • @Ddragon
    I see most resurces taken by youtube, both CPU and graphics card. Somewhere I read problems about yuotube too, Opera taking twice as many resources than chrome.
    Your computer video card drivers may be out of date?

    Another CPU hungry thing in your screen is some Navigat... with Opera logo - is it Opera itself? If you close your youtubes, does this row CPU consumption decrease?