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Changing default search engine to

  • I have been searching for an answer and thought I had a solution on this thread:

    However, after following the instructions and arriving at the correct file, I find that 'GB' is already in the text.

    Yet my default search engine is still 😠

  • @PeterLanky When you go to, what page is opened? You can try cleaning the cookies for Google.

  • I get the standard results page. I can't even work out how to delete specific google cookies. All the help files show solutions I cannot see on my 'settings' page.

  • @PeterLanky Click on the padlock while on the site. Or search for Google in the cookies section of the settings page.

    Also, you may need to setup your Google to use the UK site.

  • I would like to join in this conversation. I have checked the local state file and it is set to English Uk and GB, I have deleted the cookies, I have also uninstalled Opera cleaned all of the folders cleaned the registry restarted then reinstalled Opera. It still defaults to

    So far as I can tell this problem started with the last update.

    Please help with a solution.

  • @pcutland I have got round the problem for now by deleting the search box on the speed dial and just having a normal shortcut to Google UK.

    But I don't like work rounds and want it to do what it is supposed to do. Of course if I try to search from the address bar I still get I can't believe that everyone has this problem, so ther must be a solution somewhere.

  • @PeterLanky I agree, I do not like work arounds. Currently my solution is to uninstall version 68 which is the faulty one, and to use version 67 which works correctly. I have had to stop the auto update which works most of the time b7ut it still tries to update. In fact as I write this it asked if I wanted to update.

    From what I have found there was a change between versions 67 and 68 that stopped the location from working correctly.

    Hopefully someone in Opera will see this and rectify it.

  • Just adding my voice to this matter as I have been Googling(.com) as to why I can't have as my default search engine.
    Simple things like shopping where I want to limit my search results to UK sites only are now defunct. I don't want international results forced on me.
    This is a massive oversight by the developers.

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