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  • @burnout426 what a shame, honestly. I thought that feature to be one of the best.
    I used it only to bring up the instant search, never used it for the "search the tabs" part of it.

    The convenience of having instant search in a floating omnibox in the same tab was tremendous. Less clicking / less movement, not having to open another tab/window/side panel, that was the whole genius point of it. It was perfect.

    I guess i won't update opera anymore in order to be able to continue using the instant Search feature.

  • @acidinmyfridge Agreed with you! No other browser have this amazing feature and i love it! That's a absolutely downgrade 😞
    Honestly Opera has a lot of nice features (workspace, adblocker,...) but i think all of this can be possible with other browsers too.
    I will stay on v67 and may the feature comes back 🙏

  • @burnout426 This is correct, we could see from our statistics that the number of users actually using Instant Search was negligible, even despite its prominent place in the Sidebar and various attempts to hint users at its existence.

    However, we got a lot of positive comments about the 'Search in Tabs' associated feature which was until now a more hidden part of Instant Search.

    That's why we have - with some regret - removed Instant Search, but kept (and made more prominent) the search-in-tabs feature.

    @pilgi3 I'm sorry, sometimes hard decisions need to be taken. I hope you'll still enjoy Opera's other features. And I'm also hoping that maybe an extension developer feels like reviving a floating search bar as an extension 🙂

  • @avl could it be still enabled in flags? I would so love to continue using instant search!
    That's my main feature that makes Opera superior to all other browsers.

    Having to open a new tab/sidepanel/window to search something is such a downgrade.
    Exactly for that: NOT having to click more and switch between tabs and such made the instant search so excellent and a must have feature imho.
    Now i have to resort to open a new tab every time i want to look something up. That's so backwards. It was great when i could do that without leaving my active tab.

    I'm not gonna update anymore so i can continue using instant search.

    EDIT: if anybody should make a floating search bar extension, or knows about one: please tag me. I'd love to have that.

  • @avl sorry, but Search in Tabs is pretty useless unless you open dozens of tabs. I never used it in Instant Search.

    Instant Search is a great feature, I used it a lot and should not have been removed, but improved.

    I think despite all your efforts, the users didn't use them because they didn't know it was there. Instant Search improves productivity so much I bet no one dropped using it after knowing about it.

  • So how to open recently closed tabs now?

  • @Prosper1 Off-Topic but you can do it in Menu > History.

  • can we please have it put back? I really liked it. Please?

  • Not the same, but you can hit alt + d (or ctrl + l) to focus the address field, type your search and hit alt + enter. Then, you can hit ctrl + w to close the search result page when you're done to go back to where you were.

    Of course, you can just do ctrl + t, type, press enter and do ctrl + w after that instead if that's easier. Again, not the same, but...

  • Instant search was easily the best thing about Opera. Honestly, what's the difference between any of the modern browsers? That it was discontinued "because not enough people used it" speaks to how decisions are made in developing software these days. How many people are enough?

    It's the same reason I can't move the hamburger menu in Firefox from the right to the left, and why the Lightning extension sometimes vanishes when Thunderbird is updated. Software is developed to make it easier for the developers, and not the users.

    An Instagram extension? Who is kidding who? How many Instagram users use Opera?

  • i don't see why we can't have both.

  • A lot of people complaining about the "Instant Search" function that was removed. I recently changed to Opera because of the Instant Search. Please, bring ir back, people already missing it. I'll probably get back to safari/Chrome...

  • @diegosdf i'm staying on v67 and won't be updating anymore.
    Instant search is THE feature that makes Opera superior to all other browsers. It's convenient and outstanding in so many ways.

  • @acidinmyfridge I might do the same.

  • i think i'm just gonna start useing vivaldi brower from now on. atleast they're not pulling this crap on their users.

  • The Trufflepiggy extension sort of does the same thing as Instant Search. You can click the icon in the toolbar, and it loads a floating search box on the current page. It's not very minimal or pretty, but it does work. No way to move the icon to the sidebar, though.

    There's also a Chrome and Firefox extension called Sidebar+, but I haven't been able to get it to work in Opera, Chrome or Firefox.

  • I have never ever used Alt+space as an windows shortcut there are no native shortcuts ..... there is no property Windows only !!!! So all you use that one please behave ok ? There is only one native windows key !!! and it was never overwritten it has dedicated logo too. For me please Opera bring instant search back. It was so so good.

    ALT ... google
    CTRL ... tabs for me it is amazing solution and I bet there are thousands of guys using it

    but a couple of tech geeks that can argue on forums well bring wrong impressions about using it. or make it easily disable friendly for them. For the rest of us please bring it back.

  • @avl this is such a lie.... It was removed only because tech geeks using alt space for opening menu.... so so lame I have never used that ever. And I bet that its even more negligible than instant search. So please bring it back and make it easily disable-able ... There are easily 20 shortcuts that use people much much less and still are possible in Opera. So pleas stop lying to us.

  • Any way to bring back Win alt+space bar quick google search option? Can't find that after v68 update.

  • @winecurmudgeon said in Instant search box gone?:


    Thank you for mentioning this, will try it out. For now i will be staying on v67 though, so i can continue using instant search.