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  • I'm retrieving data from a hard drive and need to know where in the Opera files are the bookmarks ? The version shown is 12.17 Defaults has the usual 6kb file and there is no profile I can find. PC was destroyed by lightening strike.
    Thank you

  • Version of Windows?

    On recent versions, it'll be something like

    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Bookmarks

    where USERNAME is your Windows username. Note that AppData is hidden by default - you can't see it in a listing, but if you type it into the location bar it will work just fine.

  • I only have the drive and it can't be booted into it's OS (XP) I must retrieve data as possible. It's a favor to a friend who lost this PC. I'm building him another. I recall extracting it from a drive many years ago. Getting his bookmarks will complete my job.

  • @sinewaver In Opera 12.17, the bookmarks were stored in a file called bookmarks. adr.
    That file is not compatible with the current version of Opera.

  • That does not show in file explorer anywhere in the C/program files / opera folder. That is what the exported file was called when the OS was booted and opera was running. Sadly that is not a possibility now. As I recall, it could be opened as a text file and information retrieved. That would make it useful in later versions. As it is, I have the drive slaved in on a USB connection for data recovery, the host PC too badly damaged by a lightening strike. Over 350 bookmarks is a collection not easily rebuilt from memory.

  • @sinewaver Program Files is the installation directory, the one with the user data is a different one.

  • @leocg Any idea where to look and what it's called ?

  • Similar location to current versions of Opera, except that instead of "Opera Software" it was just "Opera", and the directory after that (where it has "Opera Stable" in my previous post) matched the name of the directory where Opera was installed (most likely also Opera). Unfortunately the part before those two changes with different versions of Windows, and I can't say exactly where it was in XP - I think it was in the Windows directory, but I don't have an XP system available to check on. Again, AppData will be a hidden folder.

  • Assuming 32-bit WinXP with Opera 12 installed to the default all users location of "C:\Program Files\Opera", the location of the bookmarks file should be "C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Opera\Opera\bookmarks.adr" if I remember correctly.

  • Resolved in an unorthodox manner. Whatever, it's done. As best as can be given all the variables. Not 100% by any stretch but useful to it's owner.
    I thank all that made an effort to resolve this. A learning experience as all these things are.