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Custom search engine changes to g when opening two tabs to search

  • Let me clarify with an example. You can search Wikipedia with the letter 'w', and you need to search for two (or more) things. So you press <Ctrl>-<T>, type w thing1, <ENTER>, <Ctrl>-<T>, type w thing2, <ENTER>, when you then realize that in this second tab the address bar actually says g thing2, therefore performing a Google search instead of a Wiki one.

    This has been happening to me for a long time, but I never really decided to look for this issue here. I just did, and shockingly the only reference I found was this very old topic, with no replies.

    Re: Custom search engine sometimes changes to g when Opera has just been opened (28.0.1750.31)

    I just installed a brand new Opera portable instance, tried it with the preconfigured Yahoo ("y") custom search, and the second tab reverted back to Google, so this problem is not related to my profile at all.

    This looks like a bug to me. Does anyone else experience this?

  • @alobpreis I've just tried here and couldn't reproduce. If I use the prefix (w) in the second tab, it will search on Wikipedia.

  • I just realized I didn't clarify something. You have to do it quickly. The first tab is probably loading when you type in the second tab. If it doesn't happen, try with a third or fourth tab (it happens to me on the 2nd tab, unless I wasn't fast enough).
    I will do a video if you still cannot reproduce it.

  • @alobpreis I guess I would need to be The Flash or my connection too slow to be able to reproduce that.