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Disable full screen Pop-up window when mouse over x | Control over pop-ups | Multiple pop-ups

  • While reading the current page and wanting to simultaneously close another tab please make the pop up non-intrusive by blocking the current window. When the mouse is over the x maybe show Chrome style pop-up and for rest of the tab title bar show the full-screen preview like now. Even this move it to the left or right corner depending on the table location without blacking out the rest of the screen with the ability to configure the size of the pop-up and also more it if needed and make it sticky to see the content of multiple pages in one screen for very quick comparisons.

  • Do you mean preview?

  • Yes. When you are trying to close a window the preview pops up blocking what you are reading/viewing now. In this case, you can have a less intrusive pop up like in Chrome.

    Also, the larger previews can be made sticky so you can move them around and even click on the links within them for quick tasks without moving away from the main tab you are in.

  • @sirinath Can't you just disable the preview?

  • I can, but I want the preview. That is why I have it on.

    Maybe I did not communicate what I had to say clearly:

    It will be ideal if it does not pop up obstructively when you trying to close a tab. You can have a more lightweight preview when trying to close and the larger preview when the mouse if over the rest of the tab.

    And the preview function can be more enhanced so you can make ping one or more preview windows within a tab so one quickly fill items, copy between pages and click on links in the preview window so one does not have to switch tabs for quick tasks.

  • Do a right click on tab to close it avoids your “issue”.