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Opera spamming Disney crap. Can't turn off intrusive adverts.

  • @leocg "The Continue on... options are also disabled?"

    Sorry forgot to reply to this. Yes, I disabled those also in Advanced Settings. It did not get rid of the Disney adverts.

  • Try this link:
    It worked for me.

  • @leocg thankyou i see it *overlooked it earlier

  • Yof have to delete the "Advert" (presuming you mean the same Disney+ promoted speed dial I see on my tablet) then go to Bookmarks and empty Trash - there is a long-standing issue that deleted speed dials come back if you don't empty the trash.

  • This sh* pushed me closer to uninstalling every opera browser than I've ever been.

  • When I booted up this morning I had three Disney ads on my start page, above my Speed Dial icons. I hoped that right clicking would give the option to disable, but it doesn't. I've been through advanced settings Start Page. Show News is disabled. Receive Promoted is disabled. Suggestions is disabled. Running Windows 10 and latest Opera. How can I get rid of these ads?

  • I've version 67.0.3575.79, and just started getting ads appearing on the speeddial page, despite having disabled them in the past
    Check settings and as far as I can see they are still disabled, so why are they appearing
    2020-03-26 13_52_43-Window.png

  • @Bickerstaffe Thankyou, its now disabled for me. As for the 'solution' the X is very thin and happened to be positioned on a part of my wallpaper the same colour. I had to hunt for it.

    @dugglebb However this remains true. I should not be getting any ads with my settings, which are similar to yours.

  • @Bickerstaffe Thank You!

    To everyone else: There is a thin X (close button) at the top right of the three ads. Click that, then choose "don't show again" - voila, it's gone.

  • Annoying Speed Dial Buttons linking to Disney+
    I have switched off all advertisement, news, etc. Yet, about a week ago I find in my opera speed dial page following buttons:
    It is not possible to remove the buttons.
    Any idea where they come from and how to get rid of it.
    Keep well and thank you in advance

  • @orlanth
    I have the same issue for a week or so.
    Annoying Speed Dial Buttons linking to Disney+ and I cannot remove them.de61a44d-f232-4a97-a28d-bca4a526f0ef-image.png . They look like this. No chance to get rid of them.
    I use to surf in private mode and VPN on; still they find out I am from Germany. So, Opera must have submitted data of mine to somebody.
    Hope there will be a cure for this nasty advertisement.
    Keep healthy in these unsteady times

  • @robrecord
    Thank you so much.
    I did zooming to 200% and then found it.
    Great it is gone.

  • My wallpaper is an image from orbit. Finding a black X in a starfield is not easy.

  • Can you please stop to spam Opera with multiple ADS. I use adblock for a reason and I don't mind the occasional (if really rare) bookmarks ads. But I really what you are doing with disney+ and opera gaming. Those really sucks.
    And in the last 3 days I got multiple bookemarks ads and 2 ads like disney+.

    If I have to I'm going to switch back to firefox... I don't really want to do it but I will if you continue to bother me like that.

  • @robrecord
    Very many thanks!
    I too couldn't spot the (white) X until you told me about it.

  • The three Disney+ tiles are in facr part of a single lager tile whichhas a vsingle 'cancel' cross some way away from the small tilesthemselves.
    Regards Alan Cox

  • @alancox said in Opera spamming Disney crap. Can't turn off intrusive adverts.:

    The three Disney+ tiles are in facr part of a single lager tile which has a vsingle 'cancel' cross some way away from the small tilesthemselves.
    Regards Alan Cox

    Which makes the delete function hard to spot as it is not near the icons, it also doesnt reverse colour if your wallpaper is dark unlike the Disney + on the upper left.. Also right clicking doesn't give you a delete option, unlike other links. Looks suspicious to me.

  • OS Win10 64-bit, up to date - Opr Stable 67.0.3575.115 - Using private window.
    Annoying Disney popups on start page using private window.
    Popup notifications are disabled by user choice in settings. and privacy protections enabled. Opera VPN also enabled.

    So why do I keep getting this unwanted Disney popup every time I startup Opera browser in private window.

    I fully understand when closing a private window it will remove cookies etc (dependent on my settings), and the browser is refreshed when next opened.
    I auto-start Opera private window after changing command line on shortcut.

    The only speeddials on start page I want are the ones I place there.
    So how do I know the Disney popup is virus free?
    Answer: I don't.
    When popups are blocked in settings, my logic says I don't expect to see any?
    Perhaps I'm wrong and the setting to block popups is now useless?

  • @operafanuk No wonder I couldn't find my post. It was moved (not by me).

    I felt my post was important for Opera devs, hence the reason I didn't place it under this thread.
    My post was slightly different to others, so now it only gets lost in all the rest.

    I will therefore be blunt on this rare occasion, please stop the Disney spam on the start page, as it isn't appreciated by this long time user (since series 3)!

    Unless Opera has a full-time [official] employee reading all posts (which I doubt), what's the point in posting.

    I loath, hate, and detest spam, and I sincerely trust Opera devs take notice, as many Opera users feel the same, and if this is how Opera now behaves, the settings menu is effectively rendered meaningless.

    As my post was moved without reason, I repeat (for Opera devs):
    So how do I know the Disney popup is virus free?
    Answer: I don't.

  • It is Disney, not a dodgy cryptocoin link. So its safe from viruses. But that isn't the point, it should not be there.

    I use the Speed Dial as my online desktop, I filled it with icons in a neat square grid, arrayed them on the page according to where I wanted them, so some categories on the left some on the right etc. Then locked it all in place nice and neat.

    I hate hate hate the fact that when Opera updates it adds Amazon and other companies I don't like to visit to my Speed Dial, to be 'helpful'. What really got my goat about it is that some of my own icons were essentially lost to make room. I got them back easily enough but how dare they. Replacing a users links to an other links scroll folder at the bottom to replace with adspam. It feels like this:

    Opera: "Hello user, know the sites you go to, well your betters at Opera suggest you dont waste time on them and go to these sites instead."
    Me: Sound of steam rising from ears.

    The only icons on it should be ones I place there, no other, no when, no how. The Disney + also disrupted in a similar way, it pusehed my wanted icons down the screen and cereated a scrollbar. I dont want to view my icons with a scrolbar, I organised the priority ones in a 7x5 grid and want them EXACTLY where they are.