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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • @chewy As I said, the link to the changelog is on every release post on the blog. Those post can also be found here in the forums.

  • @leocg I see. So if I wanted to see a changelog for an older build, I'd have to dig through the blog, find the corresponding post, open the post, find the link for the changelog and take it from there? Talk about convoluted!
    Although the severe inadequateness of posting changelogs is out of your control, I do want to thank you for this information.

  • Hold on, does the "recently closed" section only show three items? Can I increase this? Looked through Settings; couldn't see anything.

    If you really refuse to bring back or adequately substitute this feature, then will you allow us to dock the sidebar on the other side of the screen? I'm right-handed and sweeping the mouse across involves more wrist-bending than is healthy on a frequent basis.

  • @leocg Also, as I mentioned, there is no context to the changelog. There is no way to look up the ticket or history of any item in the changelog. In some cases, there is no way to understand some of these one-liners at all. So although I can decipher some of the issues/feature changes, a lot it remains clouded.
    Having the ability to look at a particular items ticket or history would be greatly beneficial. Bugzilla would be a great example of what I'm talking about.

  • @cherryaa Not in Opera 70, unless they backport the changes. However starting on Opera 71 there will be a way to show more recently closed tabs.
    And just remember that you still can search for them.

  • How frustrating, @leocg ! Still, good to know it's going to be possible to add more instant-access items to the list. Thanks for your quick reply.

  • Until Opera reverts the disastrous changes to the "Recently Closed" button, there is a far better solution. It closely resembles what Opera took away from the toolbar. It's in the Chrome Store and it's an extension called "Tab Restore" by Banana Sonna. It is almost identical to the old Opera function; it seems to work exactly as the old "Recently Closed".

    I think that what the devs just don't get is that taking the user from a quick pulldown (that doesn't shadow out your current tab and window) to this new implementation, is what part of the problem is. They pull the user away from the tab they're on, shadow grey out the whole browser to show you the list is just too different to use like the old way.

    I hope this helps! 🙂

  • @chewy In many cases, just the title of the report is enough to understand what was fixed or introduced.

    There are some that may be part of a parent task and that's why their titles may not make sense.

    Opera is closed source and have partnerships with lots of companies, so opening the bug tracking system could be a problem.

    Also, I'm not sure if people are ready for a public bts.

  • @chewy You just need to find one post of a release of any build of the same version.

  • @leocg Yeah, I am very familiar with the closed source mindset. The fear of allowing people to see the good and the bad could make the "shareholders" nervous.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to write about this. Unfortunately, we will have to rely of the benevolence of the devs and Opera to be a little more forthcoming and open about these changes. Perhaps they will even provide clear justifications to the people that actually use their software, why and how these changes come to be.

  • @chewy Opera was never exactly known for its talks to their users. Maybe on the very beginning, when the Internet wasn't so popular and the community of users were much more smaller and more willing to have a serious discussion.

    Nowadays, Opera has to be very careful to what they answer to not be misunderstood.

  • Is there any truth to the rumour that this feature is currently available in Opera Developer and will be returning? It'd be useful to know because I am at the point of uninstalling opera and trying vivaldi

  • The flag is back, plus "Recently closed tabs" are shown in a dropdown if you click on the Search button.

  • @sgunhouse which build? Can't find any notes in latest stable or latest devs. Or I miss something?

  • Actually, it was a different flag, but similar. If you click the tab search it lists the last 3 closed tabs, but you can click on "Show more" to see more.tabs though a flag can hide that button.

  • @sgunhouse oh this, it's not what we want to bring back, search in closed completely removes the synced tabs from other devices, closed tabs function earlier was more ergonomic than new search - so it's step back...

  • @sgunhouse said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    Changes are in the blog, including this one. If you want it back, post in the Feature request thread - posting here accomplishes nothing.

    I did start a thread in the feature request to bring back the feature we're discussing here, and just like here, it accomplished nothing.

  • @sgunhouse said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    The flag is back, plus "Recently closed tabs" are shown in a dropdown if you click on the Search button.

    Unfortunately it's not remotely close to the being a replacement. Removal of this feature has been a massive blow to my research workflow

  • Why don't we all duplicate our posts in this forum to the Opera blog where maybe the devs will see the depth of feeling on this so called improvement. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to add your comments.

  • This post is deleted!