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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • @operast Thank you for your kinds words! I'm just trying to help out. I do feel a bug report is best to call their attention to this issue - historically, the devs rarely if at all, respond to the forum.

    Additionally, (in terms of a toggle) I would think it's rather easy to either make a toggle function (Search for Open Tabs / Search Recently Closed Tabs) or allow for another button that represents the "Menu->History->Recently Closed" list and the ability to disable/turn off the "Search in Tabs" button.

    In this way, the devs can have their new functionality and the end user can opt to enable in the tab bar a Recently Closed button. The functionality is clearly in the browser, so I would think no "major" source code rework would be needed.

    Heck, I'd even opt for an extension if needed (again, since the recently closed stuff is still in the browser).

  • I'm also asking, please, return the recent-closed-tabs feature back.

    This is really a waste of time. The feature is useful for many people, it is easy for the developers to have it back.

    I will probably not use Opera as my main web browser.

  • It has been a few days for me since the change to limit closed tabs to just 3, and it has been a browser changing experience...
    It is worse than the change from Presto to Chromium. That at least, was a change, this is pure depreciation of features, both useful and (almost) unique.

    Suddenly I find my self having to change a lot to my daily interaction with the web, both personal and at work, or simply repeat things that 2 days ago were just a click of a button.

    Somewhere in the twin threads of "Where is" and "Bring Back" the recently closed tabs, someone mentioned that Opera 71 will change this back to somewhat better than just 3 tabs. Hopefully, otherwise, it's going to be a break up from Opera which I have been using since it was a payed software...

  • @ericartman92

    It seems they removed the button, even the option to bring it back using opera://flags base been removed. Looks like I'm going to be moving to FireFox after using Opera for the last 15 years.

  • I've been a user of Opera for 15 years. This change has motivated me to move onto another browser suggested in this fourm. Thank you Opera for your years of service. They were very much appreciated. Goodbye.

  • So today I see the open recent icon is gone. Again. I was able to bring it back by disabling flags#search-in-open-tabs before, but now, that is also gone (only search in closed tabs comes up - which I also tried disabling). This was the primary reason for me to use Opera.

    What is the latest (or best?) stable Opera version that has this feature before someone made the silly decision to remove it?


  • @chewy I submitted a bug report myself and I would have to think encouraging everyone on this thread to do so might well have some salutary effect. If they get flooded with complaints at home maybe they'll do something. In the meantime . . . I've downloaded Vivaldi to see how it ticks and if it can be made to work as well. Losing that feature truly is dramatic. I discovered it organically and used it constantly. It was just so beautiful and natural.

  • @SymphonicPoet Flooding the bug tracking system with fake bug reports will only make the real bugs to take more time to be fixed because they will be wasting time closing your fake reports.

  • So I see this clock icon (history) on the sidebar that shows the last 5 recently closed tabs/windows, but is there any way to show more recently closed?

    Also, is it possible to get the history clock icon on the top, rather than having this sidebar always on?

  • @adamthemute Opera 71 should probably bring an option to show more recently closed tabs in the search in tabs tool.

    And don't forget that you can still use the tool to search your closed tabs.

  • @leocg I fail to see how this is in any sense fake. There's a quite real problem with the user experience of the browser. It needs fixing. If that's the only we can get them to pay attention then so be it. That's what we do.

  • @SymphonicPoet It's not a bug, so if you are reporting it to the bug tracking system, then you are making a fake report.

    And I don't think that acting like a spoiled child will make them change anything. On the contrary, it will only harm others.

  • @leocg I think perhaps you're using a rather technical definition of "bug report." The truth is most of us aren't programmers. We're ordinary users. To me a "bug" is a problem with a program. Well, this is a problem. You can see how very passionate folks are about this from the volume of dissatisfaction today alone. Lots of veteran users talking about leaving the platform and taking their business elsewhere. That, I should think, is something the dev team would want to know.
    A fair few people have said the devs don't follow the forums, so . . . how do you let them know what the problem is? Filing a bug report seems like a pretty straightforward solution. And if they chose to ignore it, so be it. But if this is what people complain about the most then it really is the biggest problem and it's not simply "distracting" from some other "real" problem.
    My bug report was polite. I don't think I'm acting like a spoiled child by suggesting the problem could use fixing. To be incredibly frank, your characterization feels like a personal attack. If you want to teach me about bug reports you might approach the problem more directly. Something along the lines of "Here's what a bug report is for."
    Anyway, my sympathy to you if it's your job to defend this change. I truly have loved Opera over the years and I want to see it succeed. But I'm willing to examine a different browser if it comes to it. (Heck, I maintain my own baby website, so I use a half dozen browsers to check it anyway.) But we're getting off topic. The subject here is how to fix a problem: how do we get the recently closed tabs button back. As of right now, there's no good answer that I see.

  • @SymphonicPoet It's been already said several times that people form Opera read the forum and take what people say into consideration. Even so that the included a way to see more recently closed tabs in Opera developer 71 for those who can't search for their recently closed tabs.

    Tabs menu has gone in Opera 69 and I don't really think it will come back.

  • @dragonchi I started testing Vivaldi a few days ago and it is going very well for now. Maybe it will help you.
    It was made by an old Opera developer, I'm really liking it.
    (I used Opera for 20 years ...)
    I like it better than Firefox.

  • @leocg said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    And I don't think that acting like a spoiled child will make them change anything.

    The truth is, I think your response as a moderator is regrettable.
    It is disrespectful and without empathy in the face of numerous argued complaints from many users for so many months without response.
    I think it is not necessary for you to express yourself that way when faced with something that does not seem like a good option. Correct with respect please.
    It is not the first time you have done it and several users have already told you, but you can see that you do not care, and neither does Opera.
    Their attitude is one of the reasons he added for me to leave Opera and replace them with Vivaldi after 20 years of user.
    It would be good if you check your attitude, it does not help at all.
    (As I clarified it several times already,
    this is not personal, it is a difference between a common user and a moderator.)


    heres an extension that opens recently closed tabs

  • @roberto64

    1 ) For someone that seems to have been using Opera for a while, you should already know that you shouldn't expect answers from Opera.

    2 ) It seems that you are misunderstanding the function of a moderator in a forum. They exist to keep the forum organized and the discussions civilized. They are not referees, they don't have to stay neutral on a discussion.

    3 ) Maybe you are right, maybe I really don't care that much. Those are changes that any capable adult person can deal with and not exactly the end of the world.

  • This works! Thank you!

  • Where can I find a 69xxx version that has the function with the flag? so I can stop the upgrade to 70, xxx