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How to restore my old passwords after requesting a new username/password?

  • Greetings,

    I have been using opera for a good while and I love it, the interface, the way to customize it, etc. To my main point now, I have opera-sync and I keep most of my stuff sync. Today I had to re-instal opera as it was crashing after 10-20 seconds all the time after the update. When I was about to sync I could not remember which password I had there (I got a good few secure ones) so I went the easy way and requested a new one so I could sync everything again quick.
    However when it came to my passwords they cant be sync as they are encripted with my old OS credentials (username/password) therefore my all my other username/password seem to be gone for things like gmail, etc.

    Is there a way to restore previous sync passwords when I have changed my own sync login password?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @gonzo2632 You need to provide your old Opera account and/or OS login password.

  • Hi there, thank you for the quick response. I saw when I sync for the first time it asked me to login my old password to unlock "old passwords" however I no longer see that option available. Is there any tech service available I could contact to restore my sync account to its previous condition?

    Thank you!

  • @gonzo2632 Did you try to logout and login again? Is password sync enabled?

  • Hi @leocg ,

    Yeah I did and the option to sync passwords no longer appears (See attachment) the first time I sync it said passwords could not sync as they were cipher with another password (the old one probably) it gave me the option to put the old password but it no longer appears, in fact passwords now seem to be fully sync but they are not as right now the truth is I actually have to login in every website I visit and not even usernames are saved.

    Opera Instantánea_2020-03-11_114546_settings.png

  • @gonzo2632 The image shows that passwords sync is enabled. Can't you see your passwords?

  • Yes it does say passwords are sync however its not the "old login/password" but rather the "new" ones I am adding as I loggin into gmail, etc (for example Ivoox I havent logged in once and it does not remember any detail). Once I loging I tell opera to remember OS login/password so it saves them like it used to do however its not my first time re-installing opera and my sync user would actually remember all the details before but it seems after requesting a new password for my opera sync account my previous login/password have actually been lost as they were cipher with the old credentials, it only gave a chance to recover that backup the first time I logged back into my sync account and now it no longer appears. This is why I was wandering if there was a chance to revert my sync account to its previous status 24-48h hours ago.
    Screen Shot 03-11-20 at 05.07 PM.PNG

    Thanks for all the help!

  • @gonzo2632 There isn't as far as I know.