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  • Dear All,

    we'd like to inform you that a new version of Opera Mini for Android is out. The new version is fully released on Google Play.

    For this release, we've focused on stability and performance fixes, so you should experience fewer crashes. We've also upgraded our toolchain, build system and many of the support libraries we're using, which will make it much easier and faster to fix bugs and introduce new features.

    Give it a go and, as always, let us know what you think!

  • F**king problematic.
    Can't able to block Ads, Buggy, Slow browsing speed, Laggy, Slow downloading speed, Bloatware like unnecessary features (File Sharing, Offline News, Homepage News, News Notification with Adult 18+ news), Show full screen ads in the middle of browsing webpages.
    UX problem about YouTube, Google. Poor built in media player.
    Day by day, it gotten worse. Instead of fixing bugs & improving existing features; developers are now a days used to change cosmetic design only (like icon, theme, UI) & release a new version with no actual improvements.

  • Have guts to fix problems without telling lies to users ???
    If you guys (devs) really have then fix all of these problems & prove you have guts. Some real guts.


    All of these issues, those problems are nothing new. Eventhough those problems already reported to you; still all of those problems persists.
    I already reported to you via browser's Bug report channel, on facebook, on twitter, on here Opera forums to let you know what kinds of problems we faced. But in the meantime you used to hibernate in a cave.

    You fix nothing & telling bulls**ts to people. Like "We Fix Everything"
    "We do a lot of extreme improvements"
    "We updated our system"
    "We upgraded our system"
    "We introduce new features everyday"

    But deep inside it's the same old s**t. With nothing new.

  • @jackob11 You definitely need to distance yourself from commenting on anything. I can't imagine you really believe anyone would care about anything you said with an attitude like that.

  • After submitting thousand and thousands of reports to them & still facing many critical problems but the ignorant guys used to says "We did everything, We are the best"
    And this types of behavior from those ignorant guys drives anyone crazy.
    Adblocker doesn't work in Automatic & High saving mode. It can't able to block any single ad yet they claim it is one of the best adblocking browser. Sounds a great liar. Doesn't it??