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Opera Sync in Browser does not work anymore. and then it freezes...

  • yes, it freezes for awhile when first sync, just leave the it along , it would get through eventually

  • @celadyn said in Opera Sync in Browser does not work anymore. and then it freezes...:

    A couple of weeks ago I realized that "Hardware Acceleration" was taking Opera down.
    Since I turned it off, even Opera Sync is working without any problems.

    I'm running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit on both my desktop and laptop with latest Opera 68.

    To all of you having crashes and freezing sync, I think it is worth a try to disable hardware acceleration.

    If it already is, good luck...

    Tried that, and it worked. Also, I did what @cgigate said, leave for a while and it both imported my bookmarks and synced 🙂
    I can use Opera again!

  • @spborges74 so glad it helped!

    Enjoy Opera! ☺

  • Yes. Windows 7 Opera my.

  • @malutka yes? What?

  • What appears to be the same issue just started happening for me today after updating to 69.0.3686.49. After 10 seconds, Opera becomes unresponsive, crashes, and then auto restarts. The crash log that pops up after each restart is empty. After 5 restarts I was able to slowly get into settings and log out, stabilizing Opera. Now I can surf the web again logged in under my account, but sync is still off. This happens on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 for me. And my hardware accel is off.

  • The most recent update, 69.0.3686.57, fixed this issue for me.

  • I've been trying every time an update is made, but the crashes during syncing have not improved.
    The same thing happens when hardware acceleration is turned off.
    Updated to version 69.0.3686.57, no improvement.
    The OS is Win10

  • Still no improvement on the latest Opera 69.0.3686.77

    I have also created a new Opera account to see if the problem persists... it does! Although it worked for a wile at the beginning, but after several minutes Opera crashed anyway.

    Luckily managed to sign out of Sync (had to try a gazillion times, since Opera crashed when trying to click the "final" OK button)

    Are you Opera Developers even working on that issue? Doesn't seem so.

    I am very disappointed and sad. Always been loyal to Opera since Version 6 on WinXP back in the past.
    Nevertheless I will stay with Opera, even without Sync.

    I really hope, you won't turn Opera in something like Chrome or Edge in future...

  • @celadyn I totally agree with you! Sync still makes the browser crash!
    It would be expected that this problem was solved by now!!! Opera's also my primary browser and wouldn't want to have to change because of this.
    The Developers should really read our complaints 😠

  • for me the issue got resolved as soon as i started opera in "Run as administrator" mode...please give it a try!

  • We have confirmed that it can be synchronized with version: 70.0.3728.95.

  • Same version but my data still synchronized. Your problem can with the operating system you might be with the wrong installation of the operating system or try to uninstall and then reinstall the opera or the issue will be resolved. Sometimes it is issue with the account also you need to change your password.

  • Again crush after about 40 seconds from start. Synchronization is not opening and has yellow sign
    Can't turn it off. Suppose it's a problem. Problem lasts about 1-2 days after update