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  • I used to run 2 instances of Opera. I discovered early on rather than opening around 30 tabs in 1 instance, Opera behaved better if I opened up 2 instances with around 15 each. Not sure why, but now that I run 2 workspaces in 1 instance rather than 2 instances, there's a notable response time improvement/rendering time improvement for me (Win 10 Pro 64, 64GB of memory). There's also a 10-15% reduction in total memory that Opera consumes. Rebooting Opera just got a whole lot easier for me because both Workspaces load at once and I don't have to open a second instance and then open a folders worth of tabs into that. I still have some issues with whitelisting sites that I don't with Brave but if you're keeping track, here's a vote for keeping Workspaces in Opera. Well done, Opera developers!

  • @redbird14

    I just discovered workspaces and was wondering about memory use.
    I regularly had 3 instances of Opera going with 5-10 tabs in each.
    Going to play around with this for a bit and see if it speeds things up.

  • @rif
    I'm loaded with RAM (64 GB) and Opera has never consumed 5% of that so I don't really concern myself with it beyond that. But I did notice a 10% or so reduction in overall memory usage moving to workspaces from multiple instances. I'm curious to hear how you fare with that.

    Where it saved me time and caused me to find religion over workspaces was starting up after rebooting. I generally have 30 or so tabs open spread somewhat evenly across the 2 workspaces. When I had to open up a 2nd instance prior to workspaces, for whatever reason, loading the 2nd instance took a lot of time. Like 2-3 minutes if I recall correctly. Now its all virtually instantaneous.

    FML, I just looked at my original message and I guess there's nothing new in this one 🤷🏼♂

  • @redbird14 said in Thumbs up for Workspaces:

    FML, I just looked at my original message and I guess there's nothing new in this one 🤷🏼♂

    I don't know how many times I've had 2-4 instances of Opera running with 5-10+ tabs in each and then
    I would close one by accident. Grrr. I think for that reason alone I'm really going to like Workspaces.

    I did notice some lag time restarting Opera. I'll see how it goes now.