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suggestions for the new PiP or Video Pop-out

  • Hi everyone,

    For whomever isn't aware, this is the current PiP/Video Pop-out in v67.

    alt text

    I've been using PiP since 2016 and people that work online all day, it's extremely helpful to follow through with tutorials, or just watching videos while working, but the recent changes have really been a nuisance, eliminating most of the it's great features have been strapped off, and I'm hoping this post will encourage these features back.

    This is what I have to say.

    • Similar to the blue box when searching something there is now a grey box when you hover over the video.
      I don't know what this obsession is with placing dim screens/highlights/filters over areas but it's super annoying, and there should be a disable option for this.

    • I really like the "back to tab" icon in the top left corner, however it makes it incredible difficult to click on since you have to press exactly on the icon, maybe include the title of the video as to how it was. (you can also find an example in my concept)

    • Speaking of the old PiP, can you also give us the ability to pause the video when pressing anywhere on the video and the volume adjustment back from the old PiP.

    • Setting to have PiP not in a separate window.
      alt text

    Since the only way to revert back to the old PiP is to downgrade to v66 or below, I really hope this gets noticed.

    Having said all that, I've made a concept bringing the best out of the old PiP and new PiP.

    alt text

    Kind Regards,

  • Nice post, I also miss the option to be able to make the PiP window ridiculously big, zooming into videos isn't that evident.

  • Hi @zerokecske, I believe you can do that now in v67, it worked for me last time I checked.

  • Here are some of the bugs I've encountered with the current PiP

    • Cursor goes invisible when prompting "Back to tab"
    • PiP freezes when prompting "Next track" (possibly only in large playlists.)
  • @freelanceartist They should be discussed in the proper forum, within their own topics.

  • @leocg My apologies