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  • The Opera 67.0.3575.31 has been promoted to the stable channel ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    New Opera's flags enabled by def. (ready to use):
    When hovering a tab, display any inactive tab in the same window and workspace, which has the same address as the hovered tab in hover state.

    Enables new tab cycler UI.

    Enables the setup panel for the browser sidebar.

    New Opera's flags disabled by def. (work in progress):
    Enables enhancements to make it easier to deal with lost, or forgotten implicit encryption passphrases in Sync.

    Enable better scoring for history Speed Dials entries in Address Bar.

    Opera's flags enabled by def. in this build: #opera-doh and #workspaces.

    Removed Opera's flags: #chromium-ua-compatibility, #crypto-wallet-ios-instructions, #ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere and #ffmpeg-demuxer-in-platform-audio-file-reader.
    Chromium is updated to version 80.0.3987.100.

    "R2020 will be a series of releases throughout the year, with a focus on quality-of-life improvements. In the first release of the R2020 cycle, we have improved one of the most used and important parts of the web browser – tabs.
    Tab organization redefined

    Many of us know the frustration associated with having a disorganized browser, with simply too many tabs open. We might be neat freaks at home, but we still often end up with numerous open tabs in various windows or even different browsers, in an attempt to keep them organized.

    According to a survey we conducted, 66 percent of people in the US use the same browser for work and personal browsing, and 65 percent reported, that they would like to keep their browser better-organized. We also found out, that almost 60 percent would like to group tabs according to the contexts they need them for, e.g. work, shopping, free time activities. Moreover, half of those surveyed stated, that a messy browser has a negative impact on their mood.

    Our release today provides a whole array of solutions, that help you stay better organized while you browse.
    The Workspaces lets you organize tabs according to different contexts you use them in

    Right now, you can add up to 5 workspaces, name them, and designate their icons. This allows you to keep tabs: for work, free-time activity, or any other projects in separate tab groups called workspaces.

    Workspace icons are quickly accessible at the top of the sidebar, with your active workspace's icon highlighted in blue, allowing you to easily spot it. And if you’d like to open a link in a different workspace, simply right-click it, and send it to the workspace of your choice. You can also move tabs between workspaces, using the tab context menu.

    And how do you find a website you opened once, and which has gone missing in a sea of tabs? Simply use the Ctrl+Space shortcut, and type in a keyword.
    See the tabs you’ve opened twice and remove duplicates

    Opera has also added a nice little tool, that highlights duplicated tabs. When you hover your mouse over a tab, those with the same address are highlighted. This allows you to remove redundancy, both simplifying and speeding up your browsing.

    The new visual tab-cycler

    We frequently switch between many open tabs throughout a day of browsing. With Opera, this has just become significantly easier, as we updated the Tab-cycler to be horizontal, and more visually accessible.
    You can bring up the Tab-cycler with the Ctrl+Tab shortcut, and use it to switch between tab thumbnails, without lifting your hands from your keyboard.

    Easily adjust the sidebar to your needs

    Another R2020 addition to the Opera browser is setup for the sidebar panel. Clicking the three-dot menu at the bottom of your sidebar, opens up this well-organized panel with a comfortable, and intuitive visual interface for managing elements in your sidebar.

    It lets you edit, or remove any of the sidebar elements individually, like messengers, or features like My Flow or Crypto Wallet. It’s also where you can customize Workspaces by adding, removing, editing or hiding them.

    Other elements in this setup include Opera's tools – browser management areas, like: History, Bookmarks and Extensions – which can be opened as full-page menus, by hovering over their label, and clicking the link icon.
    Access useful extensions in the sidebar

    The sidebar extensions, that you add to your browser are now readily available and visible from the same sidebar. With this update, we’ve decided to make extensions as accessible and easy to use, as your messengers, bookmarks, history and downloads. With one click, you can access: Twitter, Instagram, Google Translate, or any extension you wish.

    When you install a sidebar extension, its icon will now appear at the bottom of your sidebar. Choose which extensions are visible by right-clicking your sidebar, or by selecting them in the setup panel. While there, click the add more button to visit the Opera's add-ons store.
    Improved security with DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

    When someone types a website address, like, the browser has to translate (resolve) it to an IP address, such as This is done through a Domain Name System (DNS) resolver service, one of the oldest surviving parts of the Internet. By today’s standards, DNS is too trusting, as the data exchanged between the browser and the DNS is not encrypted. DoH is a way to make it more robust, by increasing user privacy and security. In simpler terms: it prevents eavesdropping, and manipulation of DNS data from the man-in-the-middle attacks, by using the HTTPS protocol to encrypt the data between the DoH client (Opera browser), and the DoH-based DNS resolver.

    Opera now allows you to enable the DoH feature, and choose your DoH server from preselected list, or customize it to any DoH server, by using the browser’s settings.
    Improved Video pop-out (picture in picture)

    Following up on popular requests, we have also enhanced the Video pop-out feature in the browser. When you watch an online video, the pop-out lets you separate it into its own floating window, which stays on top of other windows. This popped-out video is easily resized and controlled, so you can keep it playing in the corner, for example while you browse.

    This feature now allows even further control over the video, with added timer, back-to-tab button, as well as next-track button."
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  • @l33t4opera said in Opera stable 67 - news:

    Removed Opera's flags: #chromium-ua-compatibility


  • This post is deleted!
  • Hi, I guess all my cookies/info deleted is part of it..?

    and why is opera://flags/#enable-surfaces-for-videos removed..?

  • I like the "workspaces" idea but it is kinda useless as it is only good for one session at a time. If you close the browser and reopen it all work spaces are gone. I am not sure how others use their browser but I do not keep mine open 24/7.


  • Hi @freelanceartist,
    Regarding "cookies", do you use synchronization, perhaps an issue in it is the culprit, or there's other problem in your case that causing it?
    Can you elaborate more on that, what's lost exactly?

    On removing of the flag: I was told, that Opera switched to use the Chromium's video pop-out, and is in the process of implementing/backporting some of its features.

  • @l33t4opera No, I haven't changed anything in my settings, I got signed out of everything, and all the the reminder alerts came back, not sure why, my cookies still seem to be there, but everything just reset, I suppose.

    And well that's great! maybe my suggestion thread was made for nothing (, but I guess it'll serve as a reminder of how great the old PiP was.

    I hope they also return the motion animations for the play/pause, next and mute buttons from the old PiP, they were great!

  • @freelanceartist Flags are experiments and have a limited life time. Once the experiment ends, the flag is removed.

  • @leocg makes sense! thank you for the info

  • @freelanceartist I asked if you use Opera's sync service, because you wrote above "all my cookies/info deleted", and it looked like an issue with sync could cause that.
    Which alerts do you mean? What exactly has been reset? Do you need any help with that?

    Regarding the PiP feature, it's as I wrote above, it has nothing to do with removing any flags or not.

  • @l33t4opera If you mean by "synchronizing service" Flow, no I don't use that, I do save cookies and all the tabs when I close my browser.

    Everything was working fine until I updated to 67.

    • YouTube went back to the new layout
    • had to sign back in, in ever website
    • as well as a bunch of policy update statements that I've accepted in the past.

    I even downgraded to 66 and seems like whatever caused it, it seems to be permanent.

  • @freelanceartist Nope, I mean the sync service, which you can find under Settings > Synchronization > Synchronize browsing data with Opera account.

    It's strange, but it looks like you lost some stored settings in your Opera's profile (including this cookies and session data).
    Are you sure, that you updated correct (currently used) Opera's installation?
    It seems, that you rather performed a clean installation in another folder, unless the current profile has been really reset for some unknown reasons.

  • @freelanceartist Probably your profile directory or part of it was recreated.

  • @l33t4opera I just restarted my browser as I always do, nothing different.
    What's odd is the cookies are still there, it also kept the cookies I blocked.

    The synchronization is untouched.

  • @freelanceartist One more idea on that, what would happen in your case: maybe it crashed during the update, which caused partial resetting (corruption) of your profile, and it didn't write all changes on time before it happened.
    But such issues seems to be rare (I experience it myself during updating not so many times so far).

    It might be already too late for that, but you can check if replacing the "Current Session" and "Current Tabs" with accordingly "Last Session" and Last Tabs" changes something.
    Also, you can try to overwrite the "Preferences" file with "Preferences.backup", and see if that restores some of your custom settings.

  • @l33t4opera I've already adapted to it, I'll just go by it being too late, thanks for the help though!

    and thanks for the info on the PiP getting worked on still.

  • @freelanceartist I see, you're welcome ;-)

  • New update (also security one) - Opera stable 67.0.3575.53 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some of the changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-84024 ‘Save all Tabs in Speed Dial Folder’ doesn’t work on main context menu.
    - DNA-84056 The submenus are not scrollable.
    - DNA-84061 Expanded bookmark menu overlaps the whole toolbar.
    - DNA-84412 Dragging tab to different place activates another tab.
    - DNA-84691 Crash, when trying to open sidebar's context menu.
    Chromium has been updated to version 80.0.3987.122.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update (includes also some security fixes) - Opera stable 67.0.3575.79 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.

    Some of the changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-83766 Opera Ad Blocker extension state is not updated, when changing it.
    - DNA-84776 Bookmarks not fully displayed in Bookmarks panel.
    - DNA-84836 Broken video playback in some cases.
    - DNA-84837 Audio decoder broken, although available on Windows 7.
    - DNA-84910 Fix output type selection of SW H.264 decoder.
    - DNA-84711 Wrong autocomplete address for https sites.
    - DNA-84969 Address bar drop-down launches "HTTP GETs" for every autocomplete.

    Chromium has been updated to version 80.0.3987.132.

    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update - Opera stable 67.0.3575.97 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "Here is another Opera Stable update fixing some crashes."
    ☕   🖖   🍺