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What happened to Oprea? Became super slow and unusable!

  • Ok i have been a diehard firefox user since day 1. i no longer use firefox because it is now worse then IE! more holes then swiss cheese so i started using Opera. everything was fine for the first few months then about a week ago it began to lag an long buffering an i could no longer print things. one thing after another opera is falling apart and i have no idea why other then a virus which no malware program can find. so i was forced to download chrome just so i can print important docs for the work i do for a living. well let me tell you that was a huge mistake! chrome changed a ton of setting on my pc as well as made opera even more dysfunctional. at this point it looks like i have to reload windows again because the problems are far to many to even attempt to repair. im pretty sure i got a virus some how but how? opera is my default browser and i did not have any other browser. is opera swiss cheese like IE? does anyone have any suggestion as to another browser that works well and is stable? im not ready to give up on opera but if i have to reload windows every few weeks just so i can print a doc then i need to move on just like i did with firefox

  • @john43558676 Already tried with extensions disabled and with a clean profile as in the instructions?

  • @john43558676 I've noticed a definite hitch in Opera performance in the past week as well, pages taking forever to completely load, video not playing, images not displaying correctly.. Not sure what is the issue, but no virus, no new extensions added.. just seems to have taken a step backwards as far as performance goes...

  • @leocg ok it appears to be a conflict with all google products. after removing everything google and chrome related from my pc, i got a 60+% increase in performance on my pc as well as opera. i do believe google is sucking everbody's pc's dry for resources in order to make their cloud functions work. google is like a system cancer if not removed correctly, it metastases and spreads causing more an more problems. however its not all google at this point opera still runs 30% slower then when i first installed it. images can take as long as 3 or 4 minutes to load now. pages also have a longer load time. some website are worse then others with load times and images. opera has an auto update policy and i believe this last update is part of the problem. opera need to allow the users the option to turn off auto update. operas original concept to achieve faster browser speeds are deteriorating fast because they are losing focus and the reason why every was moving to opera. i also inspected the elements on opera an i found some kind on embedded ad integration by google chrome which i removed and also increased speed. but opera has some scripts running in the background that is causing some of this buffering problem. i already installed firefox 35 an it runs about 25% faster then opera at this point and i can print too!

  • @Bolts27 yup i have been reading this very same problem all around the net. a lot of people are saying it has something to do with the last auto update but google is also a very big problem read my other reply

  • @john43558676 i have noticed the same issues as you have. I currently use version 68.0.3618.125 and it is totally slow, sluggish and unresponsive. When i first installed Opera in November 2019 wow it was fast and responsive but not anymore. Youtube videos either lag or dont load, other websites videos lag and then Opera returns the message Your Internet Connection was interrupted when i know damn well it wasnt.

    Why cant Opera fix the issues theyve caused? More to point why cant they return earlier versions of Opera that worked perfectly well?

    Right now Opera rates as high as IE did and that was like minus 1 billion

  • @john43558676 I've been a all-time fan of Opera. Unfortunately, i'm switching back to Chrome. It has become unstable, full of bugs, so so slow. And dev tools started to get stuck all the time. This is unfortunate. It has been a nice light browser before.
    I'm using Opera on Mac. When i get some time i'll try to install an older version and disable all updates.

  • Ive experienced the same thing. Totally love(d) Opera but this is getting out of hands.

    Pages getting stuck, searches from the url field doesnt work, pages loads 50% then stops with white screens, no respons clicking links or 10 seconds wait before the link loads.

  • Guys, i use opera on a Lenono Thinkstation D20 production workstation, fully maxed out hardware spec, newest bios, with 2 Xeon X5690 processors, offering total 12 cores 6 high end cores per CPU, 24 treads 2 treads per core, 96 gb triple channel RAM and P2200 Nvidia Quadro hardware running in compute and display mode to accelerate editing, managed by Windows for workstations. I also feel frequent issues with it of this beefy hardware. My hardware is not fast but it is optimized to take heavy workloads without taking much performance penalties. Something is obviously wrong with Opera. Sad, i had so much faith and belief in the browser. I also feel slowness and lagging in browsing hanging and not loading webpage assets.

    for the curious, the beast as we call it here is primarily used for audio recording and audio editing, and time to time used for browse in between recording and editing sessions

  • @john43558676 I already posted about this problem few weeks ago about Opera pages crashing right after you open them. This started after the new update but im willing to let the Company try and fix it as they have fixed many of their issues before in time. I've been using Opera for more than 5 years now and i know they listen to the peoples peoblems.

  • This post is deleted!