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  • I am using Opera on Linux.

    I was trying to fix Widevine so I run Opera from console. Then I opened a new window again. While I have 2 windows, I closed my main Opera window (with tabs) from console (Ctrl-C), then closed empty window.

    When I open Opera, it comes with speed dial only. Is there a way to restore my old session?

    History is still there but nothing in "Recently Closed" button.

  • Hi @maydin95, regarding restoring the session, you most probably have the default settings for "On startup", which is "Begin fresh with start page". Go to opera:settings/onStartup, and select "Retain tabs from previous session".
    Additionally, if you don't want it to open "extra" SD page, disable "Display the start page first" option.

  • I have already using with that option.

    Problem is if you opened 2 windows and accidentally closed window with your tabs first, then empty window; you cannot restore your tabs again.

  • @maydin95 I see, in that case you can check the tips mentioned here by @burnout426, and see if that can be helpful for you - especially the last two:
    - Open opera:history, and click the links of the tabs to reopen them.
    - Backup your session files often (while Opera is closed)
    Open the Opera, go to opera:about, take a note of Profile's path. Close the Opera, launch your file manager, and navigate to that path. Select the following files: "Current Session", "Current Tabs", "Last Session" and "Last Tabs", and copy and paste them to a safe place. After that, every time you need to, you can replace the current files, with the backups.

  • @l33t4opera Yes I learned what you mentioned. Also there is one more method I guess: right click on one of tab and click "Save all tabs as Speed Dial folder". If sync is open, I think these are saved to cloud too.

  • @maydin95 Good to hear that ;-)
    In regard to the sync: from time to time, there are changes in the code, that may cause different troubles with using it. Therefore, in such cases, you should rather count on your own backups of the files, or the sessions stored by an extension, like the Session Buddy - specially in the case, when you are able to sign in to the sync account, and even perform the synchronization, but for some reasons this removes selected, or all bookmarked pages.

  • @l33t4opera said in Restoring closed window's tabs:
    opera:settings/onStartup, and select "Retain tabs from previous session".

    can someone tell the opera developer to set this setting to default like other chrome base Brower as Edge? quiet annoying when i open lot of tabs, i kill the process to save memory and to open it later but cant open again when windows crash... i dont know why the dont do this as default.

    the common solution i found are : open history and open one by one.. what??? you one us to scroll the long history one by one?

    anyway, thank you for the great software...

  • @seeloknya It is default, but many people change it. Also it doesn't help in a crash.