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Problems entering an Opera account. Verification code.

  • Good afternoon, Mr. Opera,

    This problem is probably not solved by this means, but I have not found mail or how to do it.

    The problem is that I install a version of Opera on another computer, but it asks me for verification code, I have put several verification codes and simply that they are wrong, again and again, I have no more options just using emergency code which I do not have or I don't know how to get it.

    I tried to unlink my account with Microsoft Authenticator, but the result was worse, now I can't generate codes or anything, I even reset my password to get a different one but the result was obviously going to be the same. How can I do to access my account, I have my username, email, password but I can not generate more codes because they told me all that I generated with Microsoft Authenticator that were erroneous, is there any way to recover my account?

  • Checked the Spam or Junk folder on your account?

  • @sgunhouse said in Problems entering an Opera account. Verification code.:

    Checked the Spam or Junk folder on your account?

    Yes, I searched all possible emails since 2019, regarding password changes and related to Opera.

    The issue is that I have a username and password to log in, but additionally it asks me for verification code as the second authentication factor, I tried it when I configured it, but after several months without having the need until I configured it operates on my new Laptop, I have the Surprise that the codes issued by the Authenticator, tells me that they are wrong, then asks me for the emergency codes but I really do not have them or do not know where they may be.

    As I had problems with the authenticator, I removed it from the account, but it is still asking me for the authenticator by code, which definitely does not work for me.


  • I have the same problem. I know my username and my password, but not the verification code. Not even the 8-digit backup code. All I can do is create a new account and use that one instead. I can't even log in with it on my mobile app.