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Weird issue with tabs randomly closing to speed dial.

  • For the last 10 years or so, every so often I would try out Opera, just change the environment a little bit and see what's new, as an exclusive Chrome user. And every single time, I would find an issue that makes me switch back to Chrome, generally within a few days or weeks. Today, I tried it again, only to have to literally fight Opera to keep my tabs open. Every 10-60 seconds, my active tab (whether it's a webpage or even the Opera settings page), simply closes and goes to speed dial. I would then click the back button, only to have it go forward to speed dial again. Sometimes it only does it once, others I have to keep clicking back 4-5 times, only to have it do it again a couple of seconds/minutes later. It does the exact same thing in Opera GX too. I have no idea if this is supposed to be a feature that I don't know about or what, but either way, it's not right.
    In conclusion, nothing changed.
    Anyway, if anyone can help me understand what is going on here, I would really appreciate it. I am really curious about this one.

  • @Sweeney01 Did you already check your system for malware? Maybe you a triggering some keyboard shortcut and closing the tabs?

  • If your tab closed then Back wouldn't work, therefore you're pressing a shortcut for Open speed dial. I'll need to look up the possible shortcuts and see if I can guess...

  • They only list one shortcut - Al;t-Home. Can't imagine why you'd run into that by accident.

  • @leocg It only happens in opera and opera GX. I switched back to Chrome, no issues. Also, no other unrelated issues that would suggest a malware infection.
    It also happens when I'm not pressing any keys at all. I leave it for 30-60 seconds, boom, goes to speed dial. You're right, it doesn't close the tab and opens a new one into speed dial. It looks like it just goes to speed dial, within the active tab.

  • @Sweeney01 Do you use any extension? If so, did you test with them disabled?

    The tab closes? Or it just open a new one with Speed Dials?

  • @leocg Just a handful of regular extensions. Stuff like origin ublock, a translate extension, a password manager. nothing crazy. The tab doesn't close, nor it opens a new one. It just goes to speed dial, like pressing a home button. If I have multiple tabs open, only the active tab goes to speed dial. Like I said before, I can click the back button and then I go back to where I was. it is not website specific. It also happens on the opera settings tab. It happens at irregular intervals. It can take anywhere from immediately after clicking back (once it already happened, sometimes multiple times in a row), or it can take 1-2 minutes. I'm starting to consider the possibility of paranormal activity.

  • @Sweeney01 Test with the extensions disabled and see if the problem remains.