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when doing a searchbar search,opera randomly opens a site like amazon or wikipedia

  • when i do lookup something from the searchbar,opera sometimes opens it up on wikipedia or amazon for no reason,whenever it happens there isnt an autofill telling me itll bring me to a site,it just brings me to the site,this is obviously a feature and needs to be removed,its one of the most annoying features i have seen.
    also,messenger is broken,when writing it scrolls down and eventually i cant use messenger because it scrolled down so far i cant access my contacts since its just a white box.
    made my account just for this.

  • @kwoook Maybe you are starting the searches with the keywords that trigger those search engines?

  • @leocg yesterday,i looked up" w hold bucking" on the searchbar and it brought me to wikipedia, on the 5th of january i looked up "a fast way to clean aluminum" and it brought me to amazon.sounds to me like there shouldnt be keywords in the first place.

  • @kwoook W is the keyword to Wikipedia and A is the one to search on Amazon, that's why your search requests are being redirect to those sites.

    There's no way to change or disable those keywords as far as I know.

  • @leocg in that case,can you tell the dev team to simply remove it?if i wanted to go on wikipedia id put wikipedia in the search term,not to be mean but this is the stupidest and most ridiculous feature anyone could put in their product,its only purpose is to be annoying,if i want to go on amazon,ill do,if i want to use wikipedia,ill put wikipedia in the search term and i can say with certainty the majority of the worlds population who use a browser would find that feature to be ridiculous and useless.

  • One obvious way to bypass the keywords. Okay, several...

    1 use your own keyword first.
    2 use quotes if you are searching for an exact match of a phrase - if you are not looking for an exact match then leave out articles like "a".
    3 similar to 1, try starting your search with a space. I haven't actually tried this, but it should probably work.

  • okay,but that doesnt solve the problem of why its there in the first place,thing shouldnt even exist.