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Reading the mail/document after saving it

  • Hello all,
    The biggest problem for me using Opera is:

    when I filled the documents sent with Opera, I am not able to defile/read them afterwards. The same problem I have with Chrome.
    Can anyone tell me how to handle this problem.
    I would be very grateful

    Hans MInekus

  • @dutch2710 What are you talking about? What documents are those? From where? What are you trying to do?

  • will answer you asap
    not able to copy a file and paste it here
    sorry for the delay.[link text](link url)

    I am talkong about a file splitten up in opera like yellow square 45620_data
    O(pera-red) 46520 ; a ; O9pera) a_003 etc.;

    I am not able to remake the file as it was before.
    Also there are other signs/drawings in a kind of yellow.
    In short, again I have troubles with this.

    I am so sorry I can not be more spcified.

    Thanks for the answer anyway..

    Hans Minekus

  • So where are you sending the file? Though if you have the same problem with Chrome there may be nothing we can do with it, since Opera and Chrome are both based on Chromium.

  • @dutch2710 What are those files? They are downloaded from somewhere? They are files attached to a email message you got? What do you mean by a file splitten up in opera? Opera can't split up files.

  • Thans again for the answers.
    I am sorry, but I do understand as a non-bee, that it is hard for you to understand what I mean.

    After receiving a mail, or visiting a websie, I want to save the information,.
    I give it a name and safe the information to the computer (documents).
    When I want to read the documents again I am confronted with a lot of small sub-files (see above examples).

    And I am not able to create the original file.

    Maybe I do something wrong, but saving a file is not that complicated.
    I wanted to use Opera already a lng time ago, but was constantly confronted with this problem.

    Hope you do understand what I mean.
    So sorry to bother you again.

    Hans MInekus

  • @dutch2710 How are you saving the site, email message, etc?

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Right click and safe as ....
    It is such a pity I can not copy an overveiw of such a number of sub-files after saving a document


  • @dutch2710 Double click on the file with the name of the page followed by a html or htm extension to open the saved page.