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opera 66 video popup has a limit in sizing, no controls, etc

  • So Opera auto updated this afternoon and thought nothing of it... until I opened a YouTube video to watch as I work on homework and i really dont like the new one. You have to go back to the main tab to adjust video volume, can only pause in the middle, the button to jump back to tab is moved to the bottom, i cant watch the video in the main tab if i have the pop out active, and most of all, it makes a new opera window on my taskbar that makes it a bit more annoying to click into opera.

    is there a way to change it back, or revert to an older version of opera?

    thanks for reading, best wishes

    -John D

  • @andrew84

    hi, youve probably already been asked this, but where do i go to change this? i looked in settings and i cant find anything like it..

  • @johndaruk Go to opera://flags

  • @wfpl Mine does not become black.. both the main source and pip window play the video at the same time.

  • The new version made a bad PIP mode. Now there is no copy of the video in the main window. It was convenient to keep an additional picture on the second screen and at the same time you can watch in the main window. It was also possible to increase an additional window in any size, now it does not work.Now it is not possible to make a large size. This PIP mode was one of the first for your innovation and worked perfectly. Now you took it from Chrome, and you did it badly! Now your browser is no different from other browsers. I am very saddened.

  • I am using the latest x64 Windows version.

    Today, all of a sudden (overnight!) I see that the video popout has changed!
    It now:
    doesn't display the video time,
    doesn't have volume controls,
    blacks the video on original site,
    and has limited resizability!

    I rolled back two versions of Opera(to 66.0.3515.36 & 66.0.3515.27), to no avail.

    I am really disappointed because I really liked the granular volume controls for some sites that don't have proper audio control.

    Please tell me how to get the old video popout back, Thanks!

  • @andrew84 said in No sound bar and resize option in Video Pop-up:

    As a workaround disable these 2 flags and the old popup will be back.

    why does both flags need to be done ?..if ya do not know.. who said this to start with ? !..

  • @andrew84 thankyou

  • @andrew84 said in No sound bar and resize option in Video Pop-up:

    As a workaround disable these 2 flags and the old popup will be back.

    Thank You Veey Much !!!

  • Hello!

    After recent update something happend with pop-up video player (in my case mostly YouTube). In previous versions we could change sound volume, make it as big as we want but now I can't make it big enough (max is like more or less 1/4 of screen). Second thing is, there is no viedo in standard player - not a bug maybe, but I bet some people would like to have this feature back.

    Is there any way to downgrade Opera to previous version? This things are really annoying and I'd like to wait until something is changed.


  • I am highly disappointed with the latest version of Opera using Chrome-like picture-in-picture implementation to pop-out a video into a floating window.

    This is a feature I have been using a LOT with Opera, and have been telling friends proudly about it to get them to switch to Opera. Opera's own implementation (until before the latest release) allowed video controls on the floating window. It also showed the video in both places - the original window and the floating window. When working on multiple screens, I find this very useful.

    Now with the latest release, I see that the pop-out video is implemented like Chrome's picture-in-picture mode in which, the floating window has no video controls at all, and the original window shows a black screen. It is inconvenient to forward/rewind the video in such a scenario. Plus, clicking anywhere in the floating window does not play/pause the video. The new floating window doesn't even show the video title on mouse-over which I used to find useful. The previous implementation was much more intuitive and convenience w.r.t these factors.


    To me, this is an example of Opera giving up on its own uniqueness that was actually better than the mainstream, to be more like the mainstream. If you keep on doing this, then what would be the reason to use Opera over Chrome?

    Please bring back how the original pop-out video feature worked as default. Is there a setting flag to switch back for now?

  • @mentallymental e63a0250-cdfa-4e20-b77a-4346bda8f7d6-image.png try these 2 flags

  • I've updated to 66.0.3515.44 and now instead of the usual Opera video pop out it opens the default chromium pop out window which is much worse. How do I switch it back to the old one?

  • I logged in to show my displeasure with Opera for downgrading the ONLY feature that makes me stick with Opera. I watch a lot of youtube and video pop-out helps like crazy with multitasking. I use it to keep an eye on the video while listening to the audio. And occasionally check back to the video tab if I see something worth watching clearly is on. Hence the new version was horrible to use. Please, devs, roll back.

    And thanks to the people on this thread for telling me how to disable the new version. Much appreciated.

  • @macster2075 said in No sound bar and resize option in Video Pop-up:

    Mine does not become black.. both the main source and pip window play the video at the same time.

    maybe you have a previous version, not 66.

  • @thegeneral Thank you! I'm glad there's a setting but I really wish the developers make the Opera's old video pop-out the default again. I don't want Opera to die out due to it becoming a copy of Chrome.

  • @wfpl I have Version:66.0.3515.44