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[Solved]Dev offline 64 bit setup problem?

  • the latest Opea Dev Portable offline setup 64 bit will not install as a standalone usb,

    sumthing is wrong with the download file ? !.. *i think..

  • @nvmjustagirl And you can't install in portable mode because....?

  • @leocg after d/l 'n offline 64 set up from opera blog then click 'n on exe it - it loads up - after choose 'n the usb option - then it just never does not follow thru with the install.. on the hard drv

    one other thing - it does Create the folder (Opera developer) in the folder you chose at options but no other files or folders like - profile, dev version folder, ect.. - example C:\ Browser\Opera developer - nothing else is installed

    the offline from the ftp - same problem

    Note : offline 64 setup exe for Dev 67.0.3541.0 works fine less than 7 sec to install on hard drv..

  • I tested with It has the correct sha256sum of "c7f37633d09bc7fa61a03e4807622eb4ec474f36f40a5782652aedbf8cc15cb7" and installs fine as a standalone installation for me on Windows 10.

    Same thing goes for the link on the desktop team blog.

    Do you still have the problem?

  • @burnout426 thankyou i will try soon

  • @burnout426 the test ya did i assume you did the usb standalone Portable..

    if so try installing w/o internet lol for sum reason it trys to connect to get the package part.. lol

    probaly when ya tested ya was online..

    once you d/l the offline Setup_x64.exe it should be good to go w/o internet..

    i think its messed up and trys a online setup.. lol

    here is error pic


    gunna look for log file to see that what i'm say 'n is right..

  • found log file.. here is the last few lines of it..

    [0107/] Attempting download resume
    [0107/] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12029
    [0107/] Number of retries exceeded, last error: 12029
    [0107/] Download failed
    [0107/] Failed fetching default prefs overrides
    [0107/] Installer error: Unreported installer error.
    [0107/] Stopping installer backend (if running)
    [0107/] Unreported installer error.
    [0107/] Handling pending error
    [0107/] Displaying error: "An error occurred while attempting to install Opera!" and don't offer full package

    as you can see here @ the 1st couple of lines..

    [0107/] Starting download from

    It wanna d/l the (full package)

    ok i did a 7zip extract to see if the (full package) is built in the offline file.. as ya can see Directory is not in order..


    i had to make the 67.0.3541.0 Folder..

    then drag/drop everything else where the files and folders need to be..

    when i was done.. i clicked launcher exe and is work 'n great ! lol

    so (full package) is built in and does not need to be d/l.. lol

    bottom line - sumthing about the offline file is not work 'n like it should..

  • @nvmjustagirl said in Dev offline 64 bit setup problem?:

    the test ya did i assume you did the usb standalone Portable..

    I clicked "options" in the installer, set "install path" to a new folder on my desktop and set "install for" to "Stand-alone installation USB", and installed. It worked fine even when disconnected from the net. I tried upgrading a standalone installation while disconnected from the net also. Worked fine there too.

    I didn't try the "Opera Portable USB" download from though as that's a net installer and does require a net connection.

    found log file.. here is the last few lines of it..

    I'd guess that you need to clear all Opera folders and files from "%TEMP%", "%windir%\temp" and the folder your downloaded the installer to. That should fix things.

  • @nvmjustagirl Were you using the offline installer?

  • @leocg yes used the offline installer..

    am tryna explain like this to you and burnout..

    step 1 - ok i made a directory called : C:\Portable\Browsers\Opera developer

    step 2 - installed this file called - (Opera_Developer_67.0.3541.0_Setup_x64.exe)

    from here - ( the file is on right side of the blog page..

    step 3 - used the USB option.. and - installed in a folder called - (C:\Portable\Browsers\Opera developer)

    no problem, works like all previous versions (same procedure)

    here is a pic of the work 'n directory of Opera 's Dev 67.0.3541.0 portable 64 bit..


    ok Now here comes the Weird Part.. lol

    if i delete the directory C:\Portable\Browsers\Opera developer)

    and install (Opera_Developer_67.0.3554.0_Setup_x64.exe)

    and use the same directory and procedure for the install (as stated above - step 1/2/3}

    i get this error.. tryna to install Portable 64 Opera dev 67.0.3554.0


    i never have had this error before do'n the same procedures with previous versions (dev or stable)..

    Here what i did lately to install the newest dev..

    if i delete the directory - (C:\Portable\Browsers\Opera developer) - it gives that error thingy..

    so i re - installed (67.0.3541.0)

    use 'n same directory (C:\Portable\Browsers\Opera developer)

    then installed (67.0.3554.0) on top..
    pic looks like this..

    a button for Upgrade.. lol


    both version folders are there !.. and it works..

    i do not understand why it works do 'n it that way and not work the other way.. n e ways am gonna delete it..

    Do not trust after it tried to connect as soon as i began install, for sumthing the setup file aready had..

    it just soppost to Extract not Download n e thing !..

    too damn sneaky opera !..

    @burnout426 - to your post i took a look @ temp files and their're loads of them.. gunna Wait till the next version and see how it goes.. lol

    im clean sum of that mess up..

    but i believe next verson will work right for mee (hopeful..

    all other versions install ok except that one.. n e other time opera would've had 1 ready to go.. lol

  • @nvmjustagirl Most probably the installer isn't being able to create the directory, so it shows the error message.
    Try running it as administrator and check if the problem happens.

  • @leocg good ideal.. even tho i have never had to do that way before

    will try in a while thankyou again for post 'n that !..

  • @nvmjustagirl Is the user account you're running the installer with an admin account or a normal user account?

    You could right-click on the "Browses" folder and check the security to make sure the account in question has write permissions.

  • sorry been run 'n behind..

    @leocg & @burnout426 i checked permission to write and i can..

    btw right clicked the file - windows reported - SHA256: C7F37633D09BC7FA61A03E4807622EB4EC474F36F40A5782652AEDBF8CC15CB7

    number do match (in reference to your post burnout), even tho its all Caps..

    have not cleaned the %Temp and stuff..

    i never could get the offline installer (Opera_Developer_67.0.3554.0_Setup_x64.exe)

    to install the Option (USB) to the directory -
    (C:\Portable\Browsers\Opera developer)
    it kept tryna go online to download the (Full Package).. as the opera log file showed.. lol

    Note - the offline exe already has the (full Psckage) Built-in so there was no need to d/l..

    Note - when do 'n the Option (USB) it only suppost to Extract the files - to the Directory of your Choice.. esp. if your not online to begin with..

    So to make it more interesting !..

    i re-done install again after a re-boot And this time - while being online..

    Note - wanna to see if firewall stops the attempted Connection of the offline exe to d/l the (full Package) or if it does complete the d/l ! lol

    Firewall stopped it again ! !..

    n e ways am pleased to say that the

    installed the Option (USB) Sucessfully !..

    to the (questionable?) directory of
    (C:\Portable\Browsers\Opera developer)..

    use 'n the same steps (1/2/3) same (precedure) as stated in the prior posts above..

    Note - no doubt the offline file (Opera_Developer_67.0.3554.0_Setup_x64.exe) was a bad file 4 me even tho the (SHA-256) matched..

    Also i insatalled the new 66 stable in a different directory Too !..

    Ok Now - since the (Opera_Developer_67.0.3554.0_Setup_x64.exe)

    Was too damn sneaky ! *seriously..

    i'v made a few more Firewall Rules for the Opera Stable 66

    Outbound rules & inbound rules even tho Windows Firewall suppost to take care Inbound..

    here is pics..



    rules are work 'n gr8 ! gunna do dev next..

    only bad thing.. Seriously - is when their 's a new opera then the firewall rulez will need to be done over.. 😞

  • @nvmjustagirl this thread is solved and can now be closed..