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  • opera does not block some ads and application shows full page ads.some of these ads are running by the application itself.please fix it in future releases.Thanks.

  • @giriftarz Did you disable the option to allow acceptable ads?

  • @leocg yes i tried that

  • It's not "Some ads"
    It's should be "Any single ad"
    Opera Mini can't able to block any single ad now. Even you enable Ad Blocking with Accepatable Ad showing turned off. And Opera Mini places full screen ads within this app. It shows ads by itseself. And they claim it's an adblocking browser for people who doesn't wants to see annoying ads.
    What a lie !!!! What a shame !!!!!!

  • @jackob11 Any examples of sites where ads aren't blocked?

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg , Websites are:-




    I've turned off "Acceptable Ads"





    Look all the snapshots I attached above. In every single website there has Ads. I can see ads everywhere. Although I enable Adblocking & turned off 'Accepatable Ads'. But Opera Mini can't able block any single ad out there.

  • @jackob11 The one at Opera forums is not an ad. The others seems to be Google ads, that are in the exception list by default if Mini adblocker behaves the same as the one in Opera for desktops.

  • @leocg , Opera for Desktop works fine. PC version of Opera can block any single ad from any website including ads from Google but whereas Opera Mini can not. So, I think Opera Mini doesn't use the same adblocking list as PC's Opera.
    So, if a browser whitelist annoying ads & don't block ads by default then how can they claim & said "Opera Mini can block all ads from any website". In the description of Opera Mini on Google Play Store. It says, "It blocks annoying ads and lets you easily download videos from social media.
    Top features.
    Block ads - Opera Mini has a built-in ad blocker so you can surf the web without annoying ads."

    Why they whitelist google ads by default ?? & why there has no option to blacklist or block them ???? If they want to remain those ads list as whitelist then whats the logic? whats the point to add an option like this "Acceptable Ads" - Turn On & Turn Off.
    And if Opera Mini can not able to block ads then whats the point to claim it can block ads ???? Any answer ????
    So, Opera gets some money from Google to shown ads to us & there has no option to opt out from those ads yet they say "It can block every ads in this damn universe".

    Once I've to say. Opera was an amazing good company in the past but things get turn into sh*t after its sold out to poor chinese. And those poor crappy chinese company gets in charge.
    There has no reason to use Opera products anymore if they continuously mess up with everything.

  • Told you this (Opera) company keeps falling down & down. Management & Developers acts like a great db a & doesn't care about users.
    Poor quality of their products & service. Day by day it gets even poorer. Quality keeps falling. Company revenue gets falling down, company's share market gets falling down.
    These d**b poor crappy Chinese turns the company down. Go to hell....