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NEED. Middle click on the browser header for a new tab. Can you do this?

  • I want to do middle click on place were the arrow is and get new tab opened. Is it possible to do it in this release?


  • +1

    Yes please - this is a feature I miss in ALL other browsers except Opera 12.x and lower.
    I don't understand why this isn't common standard, it is makes it so easy to open a new tab - while clicking on this tiny plus-symbol makes it an aiming-exercise everytime I open a new tab, because, you know, it changes its position!

  • No. But Ctrl T is an easy keyboard shortcut to open a new tab.

    You can include your wish in the Forum Suggestion Box.

  • I should have added one more shortcut: you can right click anywhere on any space on the tab bar, and select make "New Tab"

    That makes it very easy to open the new tab. As does Ctrl T.

  • @lem729

    Also mouse gesture (hold right click, drag down) for new tab

  • @viperafk

    Good one. I forget these mouse gestures, but that's soooo simple, I can think of a lot of more important things than than the proposed middle click on the browser header to add yet another way to create a new tab. Might it not be overkill?

  • Depends ... in Opera 12.x, you could set it so that when you middle-click the tab bar to open a new tab, it automatically treats it as a Paste and Go in new tab (that is, pastes the clipboard into the new Tab's address bar and goes to that address). If they re-implemented that in the new Opera, it would not be duplicative. Not that most people - other than some Linux users - were even aware of that option ...