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Make Opera prompt to open Word files...

  • Hi Folks
    I've been using Opera for some months now (Windows 7 Ultimate, DELL laptop) and love it. However, one of the clients I support uses Firefox - when they click on a Word document link (attached to an email), they get prompted to either open the file or save it. When I click on the same link, the save file dialogue opens, so I get no opportunity to tell Opera to open the file (using my default word processor).
    Is there a way to configure Opera to prompt to open the file?
    If you need any more details, let me know.
    Best regards

  • Once you save the file, clicking on the notification or on the name in the Downloads list will open that file.

    When a web browser opens a file, they always have to download it first. Word can't display it if it isn't on your computer, simple as that. So it is just a slight difference in how it works, no difference in capabilities.

  • Thanks very much for your reply. Yes I understand that the file needs to be saved to the disk - what Firefox is doing if you click the Open option is saving it in temporary storage and then opening it for you (so 1 click instead of 3). I admit it's only a small thing, but you know how clients can be. Basically it appears that Opera allows a simple customisation on handling PDF files (always force save, or open in Opera), but it does not allow customisation of any other file types (Word, Excel etc.), at least not that I can find. My client receives many attachments daily of Word and Excel documents, and make extensive use of this facility in Firefox. It would be nice if Opera had something similar, but it's not something that would cause me to change browser.

  • @bcrosbie Your comparation may be incorrect. Some users may want to use their own PDF readers instead of Opera's, that's why Opera started allowing PDFs to be saved locally and not directly opened in the internal reader.

    Opera can't handle Office files, so they are always downloaded so that they can be opened in an external viewer.

  • @leocg Thanks for your reply. I only used PDF handling as an example of something that is customisable in Opera in relation to handling files of that type. But the point is that Opera does not offer the user the choice at the point where they click on a file link, even for PDF files. I'm not asking that Opera handle Office files, just that it would offer to automatically open them (by saving to disk and then opening with the associated application) rather than just saving to disk. As I said, it's a small thing, but obviously important to some.

  • @bcrosbie said in Make Opera prompt to open Word files...:

    Is there a way to configure Opera to prompt to open the file?

    No. But, a lot of users have wished for this and old, Presto-based Opera had this functionality. However, now that Opera is based on Chromium, it's unlikely that Opera will support this since Chromium itself doesn't. It's just the nature of things in Chromium-based browsers. It would be nice though.

  • @burnout426 Thanks very much for your reply. I was under the impression that Firefox was also Chromium based, but I guess not (it does have a Chromium License covering certain pieces of code, but I guess the main browser engine is Mozilla's own). That's a shame.

  • You could try getting this implemented in Chromium and then it would just work in Opera most likely. See for example.

  • Thanks for the link, I'll check it out