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Opera 22:Some web-pages are shaking(for a time or constantly) and there is no menu panel

  • I know about pressing Alt or Opera O in the upper right corner
    -no RETURN MENU or something sign
    I would appreciate your help very much
    Very respectfully

  • What kind of computer do you have?. What Operating system? There are certain minimal requirements you have to meet for Opera 22 to be okay for you. Are you using Opera 22? Did Opera 21 work okay for you? Have you run a virus and malware scan of your computer?

    Ler's assume you meet the minimal requirments for a minute, the virus and malware scan showed no problem, and that you are using Opera 22. Are you saying you don't get a vertical menu when you press Alt key (Alt F also should work, if the Alt key alone doesn't), or the click on the Opera logo in the upper right of the browser? If you don't get a menu after doing any of those, it would seem something is wrong/corrupt with your installatation. You could copy the Opera 22 profile to a flash drive, or if you don't have one, onto your desktop (in case later you want access to something -- your bookmarks, extensions, etc.), uninstall completely and reinstall Opera 22.

    I have no idea why the web pages are shaking. I've never heard of that. Again it sounds like either something is wrong with your installation, or you don't have the minimum requirements to run Opera 22.

  • Cannot seem to edit posts today -- a forum problem -- so errors be damned, one must live with them 🙂

  • Thank you fo your reply,lem
    In fact,I DO get a vertical menu when pressing ALT or Opera Logo.
    There's no menu-PANEL,i.e. the panel that usually is on the very top of
    And in vertical menu there's no line RETURN MENU PANEL
    Maybe I'll find some way to make a short film with the shaking page
    Not every page shakes and not always but it occurs
    I've tried to renew my 12 Opera,though it said YOU'VE GOT THE LATEST VERSION
    (I clearly have not),but instead I downloded another Opera 22
    So I live with 2 Operas somehow
    Maybe I shall try to delete them both and download again-I'm not sure about that

  • In Windows, Opera has not had a menu bar since version 15 - and it was optional prior to that.

    Opera 12.17 is the latest version to use the old Presto engine - and to have the option of a menu bar. Last year they released a version based on the same engine as Chrome (the engine is currently known as Blink), but since it is a different engine they do not consider it an update to 12.x - it is something new, not an update.