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Opera has devolved into useless trash, so now im gonna move to another browser

  • Yep. Not only have i opened a thread here about the button to visit the previous page no longer working, like, 2 or 3 or more years ago, when there were even more threads about that bug everyone, and it was never fixed, now, extensions that made this garbage of a browser usable are no longer supported, allowed, and they are being forcefully removed. Yes, im talking about the extensions that actually allowed the home button to work, and that let you open a new tab in a search engine by default without having to stare at nothingness and type an url out everytime a new tab is opened.

    But since instead of caring and fixing broken stuff, the devs care more about turning this garbage into a bigger pile of unusable garbage, i'm moving elsewhere. Want my advice devs? Delete and discountinue Opera instead of bothering any longer. You have like 0.83% of the market share and yet you continue to ruin this for the very few people doing you the favor of using it.

  • Back button works fine for me
    and i have had no problems with extns
    opera is not perfect but I think you are overreacting a little maybe

  • Not sure what the problem would be but mine works just fine on 2 computers.
    Maybe re-install it.