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Opera Mini 45.0 is released

  • Dear All,

    we'd like to inform you that a new version of Opera Mini for Android is out. The new version is fully released on Google Play.

    Here's what new:

    • Introducing the offline reading feature
    • Improvements to file sharing feature
    • Fixed issue when opening saved offline pages and introduced a restoration procedure for the "bricked" one.
    • Various stability and performance fixes

    Give it a go and, as always, let us know what you think!

  • This version of Opera Mini sucks as hell. Slow as fk.
    Can't able to block any single ad from any webpage even Adblocking is turned ON. Takes hell lot of time to load any video for web streaming from any website.
    Bunch of unnecessary annoying bloated features like crappy 'File Sharing' & crappy 'Offline News' feature. Opera Mini is not a browser anymore, it becomes a crappy bloatware piece of s
    Go to hell.....

  • If you (developer) have guts then deal with some real s**t.

    Bunch of nonsense problems of Opera Mini described in there. Fix those if you really care about this Browser....
    Thread Link:-

  • @danher I long for some of the features of the java #4 series !
    Page info
    Images only
    Desktop view
    Secret customise setting / server shortcuts

  • What happened with Opera Mini ?? An adblocking browser can not able to block any single ad now. Automatic and High (data saving) mode can't able to block any single ad; though I've Enabled 'Ad Blocking' from the settings menu. Even I've turned off 'Acceptable Ads' but still I see ads each & everywhere. Opera Mini used to block any ad in the past but not it’s just total disaster. What's going on Actually?
    Only extreme saving mode can able to block ads. Opera for computer browser is totally fine to block ads. Problems only in Opera Mini.
    Using latest Opera Mini 46.0 (stable) & also Opera Mini beta 46.0 on Android 6.0 with wifi network connection. Both has this problem. And no fix at all.

  • @danher any one here experience like me? The news article do not come out in this link πŸ‘‰

  • @hendri-dunan pls use extreme mode to try above link πŸ‘†

  • @fttechhelp This version is not perfect. But also not bad

  • Literally Opera developers makes Opera Mini a true piece of crap & Everytime the latest released version of Opera Mini is even more crappier than it's previous version. Instead of making Opera Mini better they are trying to make Opera Mini the biggest piece of crap.
    The heck is going on with Opera Developers !!!! Wish God could save them..

  • Everytime I go to in Extreme mode everytime it takes me to a different languages google search page. And there has no option, no way to revert back the page to English language. If I go to the settings option of Google Search page and set the language as English then there has no option to save the setting. (via Extreme mode only)
    I'm pretty sure it won't be fixed because the Opera Developers doesn't care & they makes shit..